10 Crazy Facts About Human Nature You Must Know


We humans are really unique and special, totally different from all the other species. We claim that we know ourselves totally, but you do need a second thought on that comment. When you find out about these amazing facts about human nature, you’ll not just be surprised but amazed too. Guess what, knowing it might even help you get your job done!

So let’s check out these really crazy yet true facts about human nature.

1. The human-honeybee relation.
Crazy Facts1
I cannot guarantee whether it can happen but it said that Albert Einstein believed, if honey bees disappeared from earth at any time then we humans would be dead within 4 years. So, they’re the saviours?! And all these while we kept running away from the in the fear of their sting.

2. Right-handed people.
We know that the maximum population is right handed, maybe you too, but who noticed the side we eat or chew from? Well, it is said that right handed people tend to chew food from their right side. I’m sure you’ll start checking immediately. Notice it next time!

3. Things your brain can’t resist from noticing.
Crazy Facts
Didn’t this happen to you so many times? There are certain things you just can’t stop looking at? Just like that, the brain will immediately notice food, attractive people and danger. Even in a crowd, you can spot these. Anyway, who doesn’t notice food immediately? I do! Amazing, no?

4. Height and Weight.
Did you know on what your height and weight depends on? It is believed that a person’s height is determined by their father and their weight is determined by their mother. I’m not letting mom gain weight. LOL!

5. Your Shoes.
Crazy Facts
Heard that saying which says a man’s quality is judged by his shoes? Well, it wasn’t just a saying. It is a fact that the first people notice in you is your shoes. Even subconsciously, they will see your shoes first. So, do whatever, don’t forget to pick the right shoes. Nice shoes gonna make some nice impression.

6. Laughter.
Laughter is the best medicine wasn’t a joke. It is the truth in fact. It was researched and found that people who laugh a lot fall less sick than those who don’t. What does it cost? Really nothing. So if just by laughing you become healthier, then who’d stop? Start laughing and spread happiness as well as health.

7. Pillow or No-Pillow?
Crazy Facts
While you think that keeping a soft and cozy pillow gives you relaxing sleep, it actually does not. If you sleep to get relief from pains, you actually cause pains by doing so. Doctors say sleeping on a soft pillow causes back pain. Sleeping without pillow not only avoids back pain but also keeps your spine strong. So next time bear a little and try saying no to pillows.

8. Shaking your head.
We all know that shaking your head keeps you awake but does it keep your body awake too? Facts say that if at any time any part of your body falls asleep, you can almost wake them up by shaking your head. So you see, it is really helpful. Stop dozing, shake your head.

9. Blinking your eyes does not wake you up.
Crazy Facts
When you think your dreaming, you blink your eyes fast to check if you’re awake. But actually that’s not the way. As I told in the previous point, you can wake yourself by shaking your head. Blinking your eyes does not make you awake. Instead, it makes you fall asleep. Know why? Because when you blink fast, it tires you eyes making you want to sleep. Be careful next time!

10. A Bonus tip!
Enough of facts for today, we’ll have more sooner, until then observe the ones above. For now, here’s a bonus tip. If your room stinks whenever you keep your shoes and socks then avoid it by keeping tea bags. Yes, keeping tea bags on your shoes or socks avoids foul smell and lets you survive.

Now, you can say you know a little more about yourself than yesterday. Who’d have imagined all happened with us? So, keep exploring yourself and finding more about you. Stay happy!

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