10 Food Items That You Must Try If You Visit India


Traveller or a foodie? Visit India? You are at the right place! Food is something that no one can be mad at. Even when we are in a terrible mood, a tasty plate-filled delicacy can enlighten our mood. Even the ones, who refuse to eat when mad, end up regretting later on. Right?

There are people who are always on SEE-food diet lol. Okay, so without writing about the obvious I’m going to tell you about some must try food items. If you are an Indian or you ever visit India then you definitely need to eat them. Trust me, you will be delighted!

Keep reading to know about these must-try stuffs!

1. Gol – Gappe.
If you’re an Indian, you will know why I kept this at the top. When street food is spoken about, Gol – Gappe comes to mind first. This food has no time, place or mood. If you have it once, you will crave for more. Made of crunchy snacks with sour imli/nimbu water and the mouth watering masala. You can’t leave India without trying this.
Gol – Gappe

2. Chhole – Bhature.
Be it in any stall on the streets or some five star restaurant, breakfast or dinner, this food is loved always. Chhole is kind of a curry made with chick peas while Bhatura is a deep fried bread and the combination is heavenly. Normally served with onions, this is a food item you should never miss.

 3. Dosa.
Originated in South India but famous throughout, Dosa is a tasty and healthy Indian dish that you must try in your entire lifetime. They use very less oil in making it and it is made in different ways. You get masala dosa, plain dosa, onion dosa, cheese dosa and the variety continues. It is served with the famour sambhar and chutney. Dosa is like a baked chapatti made with rice and pulse batter and it is crispy. You must try that to know better about it.

4. Makke di roti and sarso da saag.
The favourite Panjabi Dish. Every family from Punjab, North India, will have this in their plates almost every day. Not forgetting the big glass of lassi that accompanies their meal always. Makke di roti is a chapatti made of maize flour while sarso da saag is a curry made of mustard leaves and the secret spices. Lassi is a drink, better than any shake, made of chilled and spicy buttermilk. The combination of these three is beyond heavenly. If you are in India, you have to eat this.

5. Rajma Chawal.
This delicacy is a combination of kidney beans and rice. Every kid loves this and we prefer rajma chawal over plain rice. Boiled rice with beans and some spices are delicious to have with any curry! Rest you will know when you gulp it.

6. Macher jhol.
The native Bengali dish that you will find in every alternate house in Bengal, India. A curry made of fish and spices, sometimes with mustard too. Sounds normal? It isn’t because the way they make it is way different. Don’t miss.

7. Kheer & Gajar Ka Halwa.
These two Indian desserts will fail anything else. Kheer is a must in every Indian occasion. It is made or milk, rice and sugar. Sometimes even jiggery and nuts are added to it. Gajar ka halwa on the other hand is a dessert made of carrots with sugar, milk and nuts and almonds. Both of them are simply mouth watering.
10 Food Items-7

8. Kulfi.
Rich with buttermilk, nuts and almonds; Kulfi is an Indian icecream. You can say mother’s homemade ice cream and it feels heavenly when it’s in your mouth. You must try it when you’re here.

9. Vada Pao.
Another popular street food, famous in Mumbai, this is a favourite of all. You can call it an Indian burger but hey, you have to try it to find out what’s new! A deep fried potato cutlet is place between the pao with some onions. Pao is a bun sliced into two. Simple yet tasty.
10 Food Items-9

10. Butter chicken.
My all time favourite. Chicken with butter, lip smacking. It is served with naan, a flour based bread. The chicken is cooked in a thick spicy gravy with a good amount butter. Can’t be explained further, you need to try!

My mouth is already watering as I write about them, you definitely have to eat all of them now or later, I’d say now!

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