10 Hilarious Habits That Everyone Will Relate To


We all have unique out of the world habits of our own, but there are some Hilarious habits which become life rules. And these habits make no sense being hilarious. What is the logic behind walking the entire house while talking over phone but feeling lazy to get up for peeing?

Let’s read these funny habits we all have and I’m sure you will be able to relate them to yourself.

  1. Worrying but not knowing about what.
    We all have the habit of suddenly worrying but can’t figure out the reason for worrying. All of a sudden at night you remember something embarrassing that must have happened a millennium ago and start worrying about that.


  1. The last part of the toothpaste lasts longer!
    The first three – fourth part of the toothpaste tube finishes within a week but the last one – fourth will be used for a month! Is it some magic or what? But somehow we all have this funny habit, don’t we?Hilarious Habits That Everyone Will Relate To


  1. The last cookie.
    The cookie jar is finished in a day but if there’s a last piece left, that will be left uneaten for eternity. You will definitely agree with this. New bunch of cookies will arrive but that last piece will still left uneaten. I wonder what kind of habit that is.


  1. The use of shampoo.
    The first few drops are used as a miser like we have to keep the bottle for a year but after that we use it like a millionaire and finish it up in two weeks. Another funny part is, while we use the shampoo and conditioner simultaneously, they never finish at the same time.Hilarious Habits That Everyone Will Relate To



  1. Wake up on time, end up being late. Wake up late, reach early!
    How does this even happen? No matter how early you wake up, how quickly you work, you still have to rush down to work and end up being late. But, but. I don’t how but the day we oversleep we somehow reach work earlier than every day. What is it even?!


  1. That one sock.
    No matter how carefully you keep the sock, you will never find the pair together. One sock has to go missing right when you need it. Even Sherlock can’t find it. And oh, don’t worry it isn’t lost. You’ll see it right in front of you when you don’t need it. Some magic really surrounds us.Hilarious Habits That Everyone Will Relate To



  1. We will use a tape in spite of knowing it can’t be fixed.
    There are certain things we need to fix and we know it very well that it can’t be fixed with the adhesive tape. Yet, we have this illogical yet funny habit of using it until the entire tape is over. What happens when we fail to fix it? We use more of it over and over turning it into an Egyptian mummy.


  1. The chair be the closet.
    Despite having a huge closet and an almirah and a cupboard, yet we overload that one chair with everything we have and cry because there’s no space. Anything and everything we have is kept on that one chair and I don’t know but we manage to keep everything in that place. Why do even have closets when the chair does it all? But mind you we must have a fancy closet only to keep it empty.Hilarious Habits That Everyone Will Relate To


  1. Walking the entire house while talking over phone.
    Even if we’re sick or have a broken leg, we will start walking that too unknowingly immediately we get a call. But even if we’re dying out of thirst or we badly need to pee, yet we wouldn’t move from our place.


  1. The sleeping rule.
    We will freeze the room with the help of air conditioners but wrap ourselves with the blanket. What’s the logic behind cooling the room and them putting on a warm blanket? Also, at the middle of the night, one leg has to be out and if there’s a noise then the only rescue is cover your face with the blanket.Hilarious Habits That Everyone Will Relate To

I’m sure you could relate at least 6 out of the 10 habits and had a good laugh. Keep enjoying life and no, don’t change these habits. They’re fun!

What you say about this. Share your comments below!

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