10 Interesting Facts about Kissing


Kissing your mate is amazingly hot and romantic, no? Anyway besides the pleasure part, kissing is also a way to express love, care and passion. Remember the first kiss? Unforgettable it was. The bond gets even stronger than it was after a peck of kiss on the lips. That is the power of a kiss; it can solve fights in a nano second. So if she’s mad at you, just grab her by her waist and give her a long passionate kiss. See how she blushes with the magic.

Well, I don’t need to tell you the effect of it because experience says better and I’m sure you must have had it. 😉 Besides the passion and love, what else do you know about kissing? Did you know that kissing styles have different facts with them? Curious? Scroll down!

  1. The first kiss makes you go crazy.
    You always want more of anything but after your first kiss, you become shamelessly greedy. Is it that delicious? LOL Well, science says that you get a neurotransmitter dopamine which makes you want more of it. This want is so strong that it can make you go crazy. You even lose your sleep and appetite.


  1. 10% people don’t kiss. What?
    Yeah right. But I wonder how strong their resistance power might be. You will fall off from your chair after you read what I’m going to tell you so better brace yourselves.
    10 percent of the world doesn’t kiss due to many reasons and one of them being the fear of losing one’s soul. How? They think that mouth is the way for soul and mouth to mouth contact might have their soul stolen. Crazy, duh!


  1. The nose to nose kiss.
    Kisses can be without your lips. That’s true. It is known as the Eskimo Kiss. Here people just bump their nose with each other instead of a lip to lip kiss. Actually, due to cold, they always had their body covered except their nose and eyes. So to show affection they invented a totally amazing way to kiss.


  1. 75% kissers tilt their head while kissing.
    Are you one of them? I don’t know about how true this is but I have witnessed people doing that. Even a researcher from Germany named Onur Güntürkün did a research on this and found out the same. He had been spying couples kissing in public. He said that after spying 224 couples in Turkey, U.S and Germany, he discovered that two third people tilt their head while kissing.


  1. Kissing keeps you healthy!
    OMG now that is great news. It is said that even though we have similar kind of bacteria, 20 percent of them varies in every person. Know what that means? Every time you kiss someone, it makes your immune system stronger. Also, when you kiss you produce extra saliva and that washes off harmful bacteria which makes your teeth shinier. But make sure you don’t kiss a sick person else you’ll fall ill too.


  1. More oxygen for your brain.
    It is said that kissing makes a person passionate and insane. This also makes your heart beat faster than its normal rate. Faster heart beat means more oxygen for brain and that again, is healthy.


  1. A better facial that the beauty salon.
    Kissing can give you better facial effects than what actual facial does. While kissing, you flex and complex around 30 muscles that gives you tighter and firmer skin. Do you still want to go to the salon and spend money? Dude, just grab your bae and kiss him.


  1. Kissing = one yoga class.
    Damn, I had been wasting my life. It is said that kissing provides same kind of relaxation effects as yoga does. Moreover, it makes you feel satisfied. What else do you want?


  1. A long lasting relationship.
    Kissing will keep you two together forever. It was found that after kissing or smooching, couples feel a stronger bond and find themselves more connected to each other. Kissing makes it difficult for you two to stay apart.


  1. Kissing burns calories.
    Why go on jogging early morning? Just turn over and kiss your babe. You burn a good amount of calories. Pleasurable exercise!

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