10 Most Stupid & Illogical Scenes in Movies


Like we say, a lot of things happen in movies only. Of course, because they are just works of fiction but we expect some normality, right? Even if that’s some super natural movie, they still can keep up with the basic logic. But movies totally build a world of their own where illogical things are done, even science is made up.

There are certain scenes which is a part of almost every movie. I could never understand the logic behind those Illogical scenes. Let’s see some of them and tell me if you can find out the reason behind those Illogical scenes 😉

  1. Sleep with make-up.
    All the women in movies sleep with make-up and get up with make – up. Amusing part is, their make – up is perfect even when they wake up, no smudges. I wish that happened to me when I went out. Who sleeps with make-up on?
    10 Most Stupid & Scenes in Movies |StayUpdate


  1. A shot in the leg is fine but not in the abdomen.
    You must have come across scenes where they don’t want to kill him but stop him from running. So they shoot them in the legs and nothing happens! A bullet in your leg is absolutely fine but mind you if that bullet was in your abdomen. A shot in the abdomen will kill you immediately.


  1. Oh, the sudden heart attacks.
    One gets heart attacks in movies just because of some emotional shock even when his/her had been perfectly fine or there had never been any symptoms earlier. Moreover, a heart attack will make you fall to the ground and you will be dead immediately. All because of an emotional shock, I didn’t know emotions can kill someone.10 Most Stupid & Scenes in Movies |StayUpdate


  1. One kick to break a door.
    I don’t understand how this happens. Either the person is super strong or the door is made of card board. It just takes him one kick and door breaks without any further effort. When we had to repair our door, it took so many tools and two men to just take it off from the frame. I wonder how they totally break it in a kick.


  1. Super intelligent hackers.
    Computer skills are beyond imaginations. Hackers can literally do anything in seconds. They hack the entire computer system or network, they can even hack bank account. All in seconds. Funny part is that guessing password is too easy. Anyone, if they are not a hacker can guess the password and hack. Great. I wish this could happen for real. I wish our computer engineers and hackers were that intelligent; we would definitely be super developed by now.10 Most Stupid & Scenes in Movies |StayUpdate


  1. Running from a vehicle –_-
    Well, I’ve seen people running before motored vehicles and still manage to stay ahead. How? Just how? Do they have some spell on them that makes them run like the wind? How can a human run faster than a car or a truck? And why does he have to run in front at all? He could simply get off the road, duh. This can only happen in movies.


  1. Someone hits on the head from behind.
    Oh this particular scene! Whenever there is an action scene, the hero is going to be hit on his head by someone and then he will be trapped or tied up. Amusingly, he just faints and wakes up dizzy after a while. I am surprised how a hard hit on the head causes no bleeding or injuries. Meanwhile in some scenes of the same movie, if the hero hits someone on the head then there has to be a spot death. Such logic!


  1. Phone doesn’t connect when there’s an emergency.
    This happens every single time in every single movie. Whenever there’s a danger or emergency, the actress will keep calling the hero to warn but the call would never connect. She has to run down the entire way just to warn the actor. I mean, WOW!


  1. Breaking unconsciousness with coughs.
    Everyone who gets up from unconsciousness will be coughing and also he/she would get up with just a few drops of water. Why even need medicines? Just sprinkle water.10 Most Stupid & Scenes in Movies |StayUpdate


  1. CPRs never fail.
    An ordinary person who probably never even saw anyone doing CPR would do it perfectly and it would work. Happy news is that the person wakes up immediately. God heal them!


I just wonder if the directors or movie people have a different world where the illogical is the only logic. LOL 😀

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