10 Simple Rules To Solve Fights In a Relationship


Where there are two people, fights and arguments are common. Two people, no matter how crazily in love they are, can never have totally similar thought. You will have different views on some points and that leads to arguments between you two. You definitely don’t want your fights to get destructive because deep within you hate fighting with your love.

But don’t worry, remember fights bring you two closer. Just make sure that arguments don’t cross limits. You have to be calm and resolve fights before it hurts you both and affects your relationship.

Here are certain tips which help you to sort out your fights and have a love-filled relationship.

  1. Keep your views without disrespecting the other.
    Just like you think you are right and want them to believe it, they feel the same. If you both keep trying to prove each other wrong, it will lead to a disastrous fight. You should keep your views but make sure you do it in a way that it doesn’t disrespect their opinion.


  1. Learn to accept your mistakes.
    Be open to the fact you might have made a mistake even when you haven’t. Sometimes you have to make compromises to keep your loved ones happy. You both can’t keep fighting over a trifle. Apologise and sort it out. Accept your mistakes.
  1. Do not shout.
    No matter what the situation is between you two, you love him/her. Shouting or yelling at them shows humiliation. This will add to the problem and detach you both from each other. Keep your calm and talk nicely to the people you love. If your partner is yelling, it is not necessary you need to do the same. That will only increase the fight and argument. Be quiet and the other person will automatically realise.
  1. Start and end the conversation by telling you care and love.
    If you just keep complaining, it will make your partner sad and make him/her to move out. You don’t want that, do you? Whenever you two have a disagreement, keep your point but make sure you tell them that you still love and care for them. They know that mistakes can happen and if you say you still care, they will want to hold on and stay with you. This will solve the fight better.
  1. Learn to apologise.
    One has to take an initiative to solve the argument. Both can’t wait for the other one to apologise. Always learn to apologise first. Continuing an argument is fruitless and you should end it as soon as possible. It is no harm if you say sorry to the person you love.


  1. Find what’s right, not who is right.
    This should be the motto. Remember that it is the situation that caused an argument, not the person. So if you both try to figure out who is right then the fight will be endless because there is no one with no wrongs. Try to analyse the situation and find what’s right. Don’t point a finger on the person.
  1. Do not call names.
    It is possible you lose your calm and start abusing and calling names to each other. Trust me, this will make a big spot in your relationship. Calling names and abusing make the fight unforgettable. If you want to let go the fight, you will have to be calm and not use bad words.
  1. Remember that the other person loves you too.
    You can’t be the only one hurt. The other person is hurt with the fight too. He/she also cares for and loves you. If there is a fight, it affects both. Do not blame him/her for this. Just remember that they love you just like you do.
  1. Never expect your partner to be perfect.
    Your partner will have flaws, everyone has. You can’t love him/her just for the good things and get mad about the bad ones. You will have to accept that they can make mistakes and so can you. You both have to adjust and love each other no matter what.


  1. Learn to let it go.
    Never hold on to grudges even when you are badly hurt. Forgive them and let it go. The more you keep it in yourself, the more you will spoil your relationship. Just remember that they did not hurt you intentionally. Forgive and forget.

I hope these rules will help you  solve your fights and give a happy and loving relationship.

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