14 Fun Facts about Your Body That You Didn’t Know


You love yourself, don’t you? Do you know about yourself? No no, I’m not talking about the emotional stuff! How much do you know about your own body? I know it’s so much about science but weren’t you ever curious about how things function inside you? Everything is so perfectly maintained. There’s a lot happening inside you which you don’t know about. It is difficult listing them all but let me tell you some fascinating facts about your body.

Enjoy reading!

  1. The acids in your stomach are so strong that it can fully dissolve a razor blade. Such strength in our stomach and we thought it needs some super powers to do such stuff!


  1. Our eyes are smarter than any telescope known to man. Wondering why? It is said that our eyes can detect the difference between ten million colour surfaces. Show us fifty shades and we can distinguish in minutes! Our eyes can take in more information than any advanced scientific telescope can do.


  1. You always crack your knuckles, neck backs and joints but ever wondered from where the sounds come and why at all? Well, those sounds are actually the sound of bubbles bursting. These bubbles are made from the fluids in our joints. Amazing, isn’t it? However, you shouldn’t do this very often as it can hurt the ligaments around the joints.


  1. Your body has a unique smell! So you see why we say every person is unique and special? Even if you can’t do anything unique at least you will be unique in your smell. LOL! However, identical twins have the same smell.


  1. You’re 1cm taller in the morning! I know it is difficult believing but that’s absolutely true. You must be curious now so let me fill that curiosity. This happens because normally when you work the cartilage in your knees compresses while at night when you take good rest, they come back to normal. So early morning your height is taller by a centimetre than in the evening.


  1. Our brain is not really that small. It is actually very wrinkly and just shrinks. If you spread it then it can some up to the size of a pillow case. And I had been thinking all my life that how could such a small thing carry so much. Unbelievable!


  1. When you blush, the lining of your stomach also blushes. Now I understand why they say butterflies in the stomach!


  1. Our muscles are stronger than we think? You think it’s some supernatural power when some people lifter cars? It is actually not so. Our muscles have great strength but our body keeps it limited so that we don’t hurt our own selves. However, this limit doesn’t work during an adrenaline. That is your super power!


  1. Our body has the same amount of hairs like that of a chimpanzee. I can’t believe this, can you? Anyway it is said that most our hairs are so fine that they are not visible.


  1. We make litres of saliva everyday! We normally produce around 1 to 1.6 litres of saliva daily. Do you know what that means? It means we can fill up two big swimming pools with the saliva that we produce during our entire life time. I am thrilled to know this.


  1. You know why we have eye brows? No, it is not to add to your beauty. Of course it does make you look good but that’s not its sole purpose. The main reason why we have eyebrows is keep off sweat from your eyes. Natural wipers you see. God is brilliant!


  1. Why do we automatically close our eyes while sneezing? Because that’s normal! Yep, it is said we cannot sneeze with open eyes, it is impossible. Try it maybe?


  1. Beside the five senses that we know about, our body has 15 more senses. And I have been thinking it was just 5. The others include pain, time, balance, temperature etc.


  1. Beards are the fastest growing hair in one’s body. That is why men having keep shaving their beards more than their hair. If they didn’t it would have grown up to 30 feet during their lifetime.


After knowing all these facts, aren’t you fascinated by your own body? I mean our body is the mother of any scientific gadget, you should love it!


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