14 little known facts about Game of Thrones


I don’t need to tell how popular game of thrones series is because I’ve seen people going crazy over it. From teens to adults, they love the show! The brilliant action and fight for the throne have taken this show to high levels of popularity. Recently, season 6 has come out and the show is on the top, everywhere. It is flooding in the news papers, television channels, social media and the entire internet. It has gained that much love and craze!

I need not explain why it has been this popular because one must watch it to love it! How about something behind the screen? Here are some little-known facts about the series for the crazy fans of GoT.

  1. The meats eaten on the show aren’t real. Peter Dinklage is a pure vegetarian. Whatever meat we see him eating on the show is not real.
  1. You won’t believe that game of thrones is banned in some places. It is strictly banned in the Turkish military because they think that this series is pornography and may cause sexual exploitation to the young ones. OMG! They are missing somereally amazing thing in life.


  1. Oona Chaplin, who plays Robb Stark’s late wife in the show, is actually a relative of the legend, Charlie Chaplin.
  1. Bran’s old friend, Jojen Reed, who is a 13 year old in the show, is actually 23 years old. Can you believe? Could you guess if I hadn’t told you this? I could not! Much to our surprise, he is the same guy who voiced Ferb’s voice on the show Phineas and Ferb.

  1. The concept of Valyrian steel was taken from a real alloy named Damascus steel. In the show, the best blades are made from very strong but light metal named Valyrian steel.
    But no one can create the metal because the art is lost. Similarly, Damascus steel was developed in the Middle East and India which had same features as mentioned in the show. The technique to make the metal has been lost on the 18th So, alike.
  1. Yara, Theon’s sister, is actually named ‘Asha’ in the book.
  1. There is a parody of this show too. It is actually a porn parody and it is named as the Game of Bones. I’m sure you will find this 😉
  1. Jack Gleeson, who played the role of Joffrey, received a letter from George R.R. Martin just after the first episode got aired. The letter said, “Congratulations, everyone hates you!” I wonder if that’s because of his role or some other reason LOL!

  1. Once while shooting a blood scene a very funny incident happened. Emilia Clark had suddenly disappeared and no one knew what happened until the washrooms were checked. The scene required a lot of blood makeup so Emilia, who is Daenerys in the show, got stuck on the toilet seat because of that blood. I don’t know how that is made.
  1. The original pilot was not aired. Originally, Jennifer Ehle played Catelyn Stark and Tamzin Merchant played Daenerys Targaryen, however, the producers did not like it and decided to reshoot. In this new pilot, Michelle and Emilia came forward for the roles of Catelyn and Daenerys.
  1. The dragons were actually inspired by goose and cats. If you notice them carefully, you’ll find out.

  1. The shows wigs require at least 25 feet of human hair for each. They don’t even look that big! Maybe that’s how they are Emmy-nominated wigs.
  1. It is one of the most pirated shows on television as the torrents download exceed 5.9 million as bit torrent says. Has to be, after all, this is a super amazing show!
  1. The show displays the sex part very well and that is probably because they have so many porn stars! Yes right, there are many porn stars and to name a few, Aeryn Walker & Sibel Kekilli. There are some adult film actors like Jessica Jenson and Samantha Bentley. Looks like it’s not just famous in television but in the porn industry too. 

So after knowing these totally interesting facts about GoT, how much d you love it? I guess, to the extent of infinite? 😉

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