5 Simple Parenting Hacks To Make Life Easier


Parenting-featuredParenting these days have become a really difficult job because of work pressure, added more by the naughty kids these days. Children are the sweetest yet most difficult ones to handle and trust me they really give a hard time. Now that both parents work, it gets really difficult to handle the kids and raise them properly. The cute little monsters can really make mess and increase your day’s hard work.

So we’ve made a small effort to reduce your pressure. Here are some really amazing parenting hacks that make your work way easier and let you manage kids and work peacefully.


  1. Make a Playroom!
    We understand that you have a busy schedule but the kids won’t understand. They will want to go the park for rides and games. Sometimes it is really tiresome for you to take them and at times you can’t even manage time. So, why not make some rides at home itself? They’ll keep themselves busy playing while you finish up your chores. Here’s how you can do it. You can make a slide by using strong and sturdy cardboard. You get so many cartons and cardboards when you purchase anything for your house, why not use them. Place a strong and sturdy cardboard on the stairs and it’ll become a slide. Make sure it is safe enough for the kids. You can even make a swing at home. Tie two ropes on the ceiling and use a pillow to make the seat. You can even make a hammock by tying a cloth on the table. There you go with two home made rides.Playroom - Stay Update


  1. Prevent them from getting lost.
    Kids are really naughty and to keep a track on their each action is really difficult. They will disappear and bring a tsunami in just a blink. So whenever you go out and they do any mischief, you can at least find them back safe. Many times children get lost and the parents panic as it’s difficult to track them. Kids are too small to come back home alone. So, next time whenever you go out, make fake tattoos consisting name, address and contact numbers. You can even write in on a paper and attach in on their clothes. So whoever finds them can bring you back to you.Prevent from getting lost - Stay Update
  2. Stop them from crying and screaming.
    Children play around and do what not and then come up with broken body parts. Then they will bring the entire roof down with their screaming and shouting. Getting their finger put in between the door is the most common danger for every kid. So just buy a cut pool and attach it between the door and the frame so their fingers don’t get hurt. Also, when they end up burning their hands or legs, use vinegar to subside the pain immediately.Stop from crying and screaming - Stay Update


  1. Help them do their work without wastage.
    Kids tend to finish up supplies very quickly, only by wasting them. So make some small arrangements to prevent them from using too much. For instance, they just have fun pressing the hand wash tube and wasting it. You can tie a rubber band on the bottle to limit its flow after a point. You can even flatten the toilet rolls by pressing on it to prevent fast rolling. Avoid wastage of water by using cut shampoo bottles. Children can’t reach the sink and they not only waste water but also make a mess of the floor. So cut the shampoo bottle into half and attach it under the tap to make the water flow towards them easily.


  1. Make them have medicines easily.
    The very little ones will jump and fight back and not let you feed them medicines. Most of the time they throw it out of their mouth once you put it in. So it’s better you use the nipple of a bottle as it helps the medicine go straight inside their mouth and make them swallow it.Make have medicines easily - Stay Update



Guess, these small tips and hacks will make your life a little easier than yesterday and help you tackle the naughty little ones. Whatever they do, they’re our heart and we can’t afford to see them in danger. So let’s raise them right!

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