7 lip smacking food festivals one must attend


Nothing gives more pleasure than a plate full of lip smacking delicacy! Foodie or not, the sight of food makes everyone happy. Every occasion, no matter what the purpose is, is incomplete until there is food. Food doesn’t need time, be it 2 AM in the morning!

When one looks forward to all the festivals then why not a food festival? Enjoying religious festivals are okay but attending a food festival is something no one would want to miss on. Check out these amazing food festivals organised all around the world. You will definitely be allured to attend them.

  1. International Cake Festival, Pune.
    Is there anyone who doesn’t love cake? Certainly not. I mean how can someone miss on the festival where you cakes from all around the world. Starting in 2014, Pune celebrates international cake festival every year around June. You not only get to eat cakes but also learn a lot. They organise various cake shops and also sell baking equipments that are not available easily. So, if you are in Pune around June, do not miss out the cake festival.7 lip smacking food festivals one must attend | Stay Update


  1. The Ilish Festival in Kolkata.
    The Ilish or Hilsa is one of the most delicious fishes available and they make up really mouth-watering recipes. Kolkata, being the home of fish recipes, organises this amazing and big Ilish festival every year around July-August. Since this is a peak season of this fish, people in Kolkata don’t miss the chance to celebrate. You get more than 100 recipes of Ilish fish, including fish cutlet, fish curry, steamed fish and what not. Even the Government of WB organised one festival for it. If you are a non-vegetarian and you love food, you just can’t miss this huge fish festival. Moreover, you even get to learn about cooking them. Plus, all of this at a really low price.7 lip smacking food festivals one must attend | Stay Update


  1. International Mango Festival, Delhi.
    The king of fruits is hardly disliked by anyone and it comes in sooooo many varieties that most of us don’t even know 80% of them. So, Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC) organises this really amazing mango festival where more than five hundred varieties of mangoes and its products are sold. This is a must attend for all the mango lovers.7 lip smacking food festivals one must attend | Stay Update


  1. Annual Food Festival, Singapore.
    Coming out of India, Singapore offers a lip smacking food festival every year. This festival is in literal sense, a festival. Conducted in July, it continues for 10 straight days, this festival consists of various stalls offering all kind of different food items beginning from Chinese, Malaysian and even Indian. Besides that, they also include celebrations, competitions and workshops. The best place for the ones who love to eat and cook.7 lip smacking food festivals one must attend | Stay Update


  1. The food & wine festival, Hawaii.
    Hawaii is definitely a fun place and when food accompanies it, things get phenomenal. Till now food was leading the show, what would happen when drinks step in? Something beyond pleasure! Accompanied with delicious hawaain recipes, you get the world best wines offered by the top chefs in this festival.7 lip smacking food festivals one must attend | Stay Update


  1. New Delhi Palate Festival.
    What else would you need if you get food from the best restaurants offered at one place for lower prices? The palate festival organised at Nehru Park, New Delhi brings a lot of restaurants from the state at one place where they set up stalls and offer their best delicacies. Apart from that they even set up few cookery classes and workshops so that you can learn restaurant style cooking and treat yourself whenever you want. Isn’t that amazing? You should definitely not miss this.7 lip smacking food festivals one must attend | Stay Update


  1. Oriental Food Festival, Mumbai.
    Organised at D’Bell in Lower Parel, this oriental food festival is a delight to all those who love Japanese, South East Asian and Chinese food! Not just food but beautiful ambience and music too. You get a loooooong list of food items and if you miss this, you will the tastiest part of your life!7 lip smacking food festivals one must attend | Stay Update

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