7 Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Must Know


The lipstick makes your makeup complete. In fact, even when you don’t put on any make up, just the lipstick would do it. Though we have all kinds of craziest lipstick shades these days, the blood red shade rules always. Whether you’re tanned, dark or white doesn’t matter. The blood red lipstick shade gives you the hottest and sassy look!

Besides the smoking hot look, it sometimes annoys too. Like how it colours your teeth or doesn’t stay too long or it’s sometimes too glossy or maybe too dry. Moreover, it is so difficult to get the perfect lining without smudges. No worries! Like always, I got you the perfect solution for this too. Check out these super awesome lipstick hacks to make your look hotter.

  1. How to stop getting the lip-colour on your teeth.
    It happens many times that whenever you put on a dark lipstick, it gets on your teeth. If you don’t want the coloured teeth when you smile then try this hack. After applying the last layer of the lipstick, put your index finger inside your mouth and form an O with your mouth, making a cover for the finger. After that gently pull out your finger. By doing this, the extra lipstick gets wiped by your finger, keeping your teeth safe.7 Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Must Know
  2. How to make your lipstick last longer.
    It is not possible to apply lipstick every half an hour whenever you’re out. You definitely hate it when you put on a dark sexy lipstick but it fades when you’re out, don’t you? Don’t worry, try this trick. You just need to apply any powder or talc. Apply your lipstick, pat it with little powder on it and then apply again. This will make it last longer. 
  1. To get neat lipstick.
    It doesn’t look neat or look smudged. Why? Because you ignore lining totally. Just putting on the lipstick isn’t enough. You need to line it for giving a neat and bold look. Better way of doing this is by first lining your lip and then applying the lipstick. 7 Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Must Know
  1. Make your lips perfect before applying lipstick.
    There’s nothing such that this kind of lipstick doesn’t suit my lips. You just need to exfoliate your lips a couple of times in a week. You must have heard people brushing their lips with a tooth brush but that becomes too harsh on the soft lips. Use cotton cloth and rub it gently on your lips. This will give you the best and soft lips for any kind of lipstick. 
  1. How to have fuller lips without surgery.
    Upset because you have very thin lips? No worries. Here’s an awesome way to make fake fuller lips. Basic idea is, start with the inside of the mouth and follow the natural lines on your lip with the liner. Draw four vertical lines like this, at the bottom and upper lip. Using a lip stain, fill the rest of the area. Gently smudge the lines. These will make your lips look fuller and hotter, giving you the perfect pout. You could also contour it for fuller lips. A slightly lighter shade on the inner part of the lips creates the illusion of fullness. 7 Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Must Know
  2. How to make matte out of normal lipstick.
    Too bored of the wet or glossy look? Try the matte look. It sure looks hotter than the glossy ones. Dark mattes are simply love. You don’t have to buy a matte if you don’t have. Use eye shadow to give it a dry and matte look. Find an eye shadow similar to your lipstick shade and lightly dust it on your lipstick. It will give a multi-tonal sheen to your lipstick. 
  3. How to remove matte lipstick.
    Just how it gives you the long lasting, dark and sexy look; it takes hell of an effort to remove them. Since they’re dry, they’re a pain in the ass when removing. There’s an easier and better way than the rubbing and scrubbing of the matte. Use moisturizer. Apply a heavy, unscented body lotion on your lips and wipe it off with a tissue. The lipstick will easily come out without giving you any pain. It won’t leave a single stain giving soft and moisturized lips.7 Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Must Know

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