7 Simple Tips To Understand Your Girl


Understanding a woman has always been considered as one of the most difficult things in this world. How can someone say so without even trying once? Knowing and understanding your woman is not really difficult if you just pay attention and learn to listen.7 Simple Tips To Understand Your Girl

All she seeks from you is your time and ears. She feels better when she has someone to listen to her. 80% misunderstandings get solved when you talk.

Yet, many men find it difficult to understand what their woman really want or mean to say. So here are simple ways which will help you be her Mr. Perfect.

  1. Accept the fact that you two are totally different.
    No matter how much you think you’re alike, you are actually different. Even if you two have similar likes and tastes, a man and a woman are very different from each other. So the first and basic thing to understand your woman is to realise that she is different from you. You cannot expect her to behave the way you do. If you like playing games, she likes reading books. Most misunderstandings happen because we expect others to act like the way we do. But they have a different mindset and that is where conflicts start. 
  2. The natural or biological differences.
    You must understand that a woman is biologically made that way. You can’t blame her for doing things you are not made for. A woman’s memory is sharp and she remembers things that are related to her emotionally. So you must be careful about what you do and say to her because she will never forget it. 
  3. When she’s menstruating.
    Unlike what social media says, she’s not a monster during her menstruation cycle. It just that her hormones fluctuate causing her mood swings and excruciating pains and you need to support her. Anyone going through such changes and pain insider her would feel miserable and if you to do anything with the slightest chance of upsetting her, it will welcome conflicts. Also, they even lose interest in sex if they’re emotionally upset. You have to be patient. This doesn’t mean she has stopped loving you. This means you have to support her and assure her that you will be with her. 
  4. When she says, “I’m Fine.”
    The most puzzling situation comes when she says she’s fine and then gets mad at you because you didn’t show any concern. When she says fine so calmly, it means she is not fine. And this is true in the case of 90% women. If she’s really fine she’ll go on talking about the things she did and all new stuff. If she says I’m fine too quietly and softly, you should understand that she’s not fine and she wants you to care for her. 
  5. She needs pampering.
    Don’t leave everything on her. When she gets annoyed at every little thing, it is an indication for you that she is too tired of working every day. In those times she wants you to take care of her like a child. She wants you to pamper her with care. 
  6. When she says she doesn’t want anything from you.
    Suppose it’s her birthday and she told you she doesn’t want anything. But that doesn’t really mean you are free from it completely. When she says she doesn’t want anything means she doesn’t want expensive gifts. She wants you to do something special for her. She wants you to invest time for her and make her feel special. She might never admit but she hates it when some of friends’ boyfriend or husband does something but you don’t. So try your best to and give her your love. 
  7. When you try to help her but she gets mad.
    Things become worse when you give her solutions. Maybe you do that out of care and believe that you should find solutions to all her problems but that is not what she wants always. Sometimes when she comes to you telling her problems and ranting about her bad day, it doesn’t mean she wants you to find solutions to her problems. When she says, “I did so much work today and there was no one to help.” You might reply, “why didn’t you call me?” or “You should have asked me.” You do it because you care but she gets mad. You are left puzzled, wondering what went wrong. The thing is, when she is too upset about her bad day, she wants someone to listen. She doesn’t tell you everything because she wants a solution but she does because she wants to feel that she has someone who would listen to her and support her. So next time she complains, just tell her, “It’s really sad you went through this. I will help you next time, just let me know.”

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