8 Creepiest Insects Ever Know to You


Insects are probably the most hated and creepiest animals on this earth. They not only infect us with terrible diseases but also cause annoyance. Insects can cause life threatening diseases like yellow fever, malaria, dengue etc. Some of their stings itself are deadly and painful. Besides these irritations, they also cause a lot of other problems. Some of them destroy our foods every day causing so much wastage; some even come in armies to annoy us.

Based on how bugging they are, check out these most hated and creepiest insects ever.

  1. Flea
    These wingless insects are blood sucking, literally. They have their mouths apart and meant for sucking blood. Fleas are external parasites and adapted for piercing skin. They not only look annoying, they are annoying. The transfer a lot of diseases. The come in different species like cat flea, dog flea, human flea, northern rat flea etc. They are usually dark coloured and feed on the blood of their hosts. It is said that they are difficult to be killed but you can do it by submerging them in water for straight 24 hours. Mind you, they can look dead but they’ll regain any time, so make they are submerged in water for complete 24 hours.8 Creepiest Insects Ever Know to You


  1. No-see-ums.
    These no-see-ums or sand flies are very small creatures, measuring 0.04 to 0.16 inches long. As the name suggests, they are hard to see due to the small size. They are found in almost any aquatic or semi aquatic habitat throughout the world, as well as in mountain areas. However, some of them even help to pollinate some tropical crops. But one must be careful because they have a lot of proteins in their saliva and their sting can cause allergic reactions on us. Not just that, these blood-suckers can cause you serious madness in minutes.


  1. Cockchafer.
    The cockchafer, also known as the May bug or doodlebug, has its origin in Europe. They are normally 25 to 30mm long and brown in colour and know for decimating crops. They have seven leaves on their antennae. Due to its major problem causing feature in agriculture, a lot of pesticides are used to avoid them. Surprisingly, in some parts of the world, cockchafers are served as food. Don’t go all yuck yuck now, it might taste good!8 Creepiest Insects Ever Know to You



  1. Deer Ked.
    The deer ked or deer fly is a species of biting flies, like the louse flies. They are commonly found in temperate areas like Siberia, Europe & Northern China. They are brown in colour and 5 to 7 mm long with a flat and elastic body. They look ugly and creepy and are really difficult to remove. They feed on the blood of their host and can do it straight for 15 to 20 minutes if not removed. They generally feed on the bloods of deer, moose and other animals and are rarely reported of feeding on humans.


  1. Stink Bugs.
    Stink bugs are known for their foul smelling glandular substance which they secrete from their pores when disturbed. Their body is generally half an inch long with a trapezoidal shape and are green or brown in colour. They don’t just look creepy, they even smell terrible yet some people eat it in a form of paste made of chillies, herbs and stink bugs.8 Creepiest Insects Ever Know to You


  1. Earwig.
    Earwigs are found in America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. They have a pair of forceps like pincers on their abdomen which makes them look scary. It is said that they burrow through the humane ear and lay eggs in the brain but it is most likely a myth because it is not possible to burrow through the human brains.


  1. Nettle Caterpillar.
    The stinging nettle caterpillar is a moth founded in China, Thailand, Borneo, Malaysia and Taiwan. Thankfully, it does not look ugly or creepy but cute. However, with its cute looks it can give you some really painful stings. Actually, they have sharp and spiny hairs which acts like a sting. Just touching them can cause severe pain and burning for hours.8 Creepiest Insects Ever Know to You



  1. Cockroaches.
    Last but not the least, how can we forget them. Our annoying best friend. I definitely don’t need to tell you how irritating and scary they can get. However, they are known to survive without food for a month, that’s some rarely known feature.

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