8 Habits to Keep Yourself Fit & Healthy


Falling sick is such a pain. Not just because of the miserable feeling we get but also the bitter medicines that we have to take. I’m sure every single person hates medicines, unless you are an alien LOL! I totally believe the phrase prevention is better than cure. At least you won’t have to suffer. Trust me it doesn’t take much to prevent illness. You just have to learn to care for yourself. In our daily busy life we skip many things including our healthy habits. Too much shortcuts aren’t good.

If you have forgotten about your healthy habits then let me tell you some amazing tips to keep yourself fit and healthy always!

1. Don’t take medicines with cold water.
It is not very fatal if you do but that’s not healthy for you either. It is said that cold water reduces the capacity of your digestive system, hence making the impact of medicines slower. The cold water solidifies the fats from food inside us which delays the process of digesting.

2. Don’t take heavy meal after 5pm.
This is an amazing tip if you want to lose weight but anyway practising this habit is good for your health. It is believed that we don’t work much in the late evening. Mostly after having dinner we lay on bed or sleep, this means our body is at complete rest. This will stop the food from metabolizing and store it as fats in your body. Also, when you eat a heavy meal at night, you are not hungry in the morning and tend to skip breakfast which is not advisable. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you have to have it!
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3. Drink more water in the morning than at night.
It is not about timing actually. The reason behind this is that it is beneficial for you if you drink water before you eat anything and that is in the morning. I am not telling that you must drink less water at night, drink as much needed, just make sure you drink plenty in the morning right after you wake up. It clears your stomach and purifies the colon which means making the stomach capable of absorbing nutrients in a better way. Also, this tip is better than any cosmetic to give you a glowing skin. 

4. Try sleeping from 10pm to 6am.
If you don’t sleep at night thinking you can make up by sleeping in the day then you are fooling yourself. If you do this, you will be at loss. Nature is made in a systematic way and everything happens timely. There are certain processes that happen in our body during this time and if we are sound asleep then our body performs them better.
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5. Answer phone calls from left ear.
It is said that when you answer a call from your right ear, it affects your brain directly. It was found that people who used their right ear to make calls suffered more hearing loss than the others. However there is no sufficient evidence to this but why take risks anyway? Precautions are healthy. It is also said that you should not put the phone close to your ears until the person answers because during the dialling time it uses its maximum signalling power which may be harmful to you.

6. Do physical activities.
Sitting or lying all day does not help you. You need to be physically active. Gym is not the answer always. Just do your own work instead of relying on your maid or mom. Take some physical challenges like long runs or walks and some exercises. All these not only help you burn calories but also help your body function properly, keeping you fit and fine.
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7. Don’t smoke or drink.
I don’t think I need to explain this point. You all know well that smoking and drinking eats up your body and health, slowly killing you. So stop it before it gets late.

8. Eat home cooked food.
Avoid having food from outside. Even a healthy dish is not healthy in restaurants or cafés. Home cooked food is not only healthy but hygiene. So say no to outside food.

You see? Doesn’t take much effort to stay fit! I hope you will keep this in mind next time and don’t forget to take care.

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