9 Interesting Things You didn’t Know About F.R.I.E.N.D.S


F.R.I.E.N.D.S is one of the most popular T.V shows and it is still loved by the audience. I see teens crazy for it and why just teens, every other youngster loves it. Recently I saw a video where a guy proposed his girl in a setting like that of the show, using the same sofa! You see, it’s that popular.

With an amazing cast, mind-blowing story and brilliant work this show totally nailed it. If you are a fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S then you will love to know these interesting facts and will be surprised by what could have happened.

Let’s find out some good stuff about these guys.

1. The show had different names, one of them being Insomnia café.

Well yes, it had a bunch of different names before it got the popular one.  When the show was first started it was named as the Insomnia café. Later when NBC bought it, the name was changed to Friends like us. After being switched to Across the hall and six of one, the show was finally named to what it is now, FRIENDS, which totally rocked.
The show had different names, one of them being Insomnia café

2. Joey & Monica would have been the main couple?
Imagine what the plot could have been if that happened. Would it be more awesome or go flop? Well, I can’t judge such an awesome show. I think it would have rocked anyway. When it was first started as Insomnia café Rachael and Ross weren’t the lead couple, instead Monica and Joey made the key relationship.

3. Reason for shooting in Monica’s apartment.
One of the scenes, the one where no one’s ready, takes place in Monica’s apartment only because they did not have enough money to arrange for an additional set. Otherwise, there could have been guest stars too. Who could imagine that the number one show once lacked in budget to even pay for a set?

4. It was supposed to be of four main characters.
I can take this. Even one of them gone would mean such a loss. They are all so awesome. However, during its early days the show was supposed to focus only on four main characters consisting Rachael, Monica, Ross and Joey. Don’t worry, Chandler and Phoebe were still there but only as supporting characters. But don’t you think they rocked it this way? I mean all six of them make a smexy combo!
9 Interesting things-4

5. Direct James Burrows took the six of them on a trip before the show because?
You will be fascinated to know this. Director James had taken the six of them to Vegas for a trip before the show came on air because he had already sensed that this show would hit success like nothing else. He told them that that trip was their last one with anonymity because once the show was on air they would be the heart of million fans. He sensed absolutely correct! People would jump and run to see them once.

6. Lisa Kurdrow wasn’t just pregnant in cast, but for real too.
Remember when she Phoebe carried her brother’s triplets to help? Well actually the show wasn’t decided to be so but it had happened that way because she was pregnant for real. How amazingly she worked even when she was pregnant!

7. Why was Chandler so awkward around women?
Ever imagined why the story was written in such a way? I mean he is the coolest guy but why so awkward! That is because our Chandler in real life is too shy. Yes, Matthew Perry told the producers that he was very shy and awkward around women. Aww, that’s cute.
9 Interesting things-7

8. Cox could have been Rachael?
Our Monica now could have been Rachael. Difficult but fun to imagine that way. We’re so used to seeing her play Monica, what she must have looked like as Rachael? The producers initially wanted Courteney Cox to play the role Rachael, but she didn’t want to. She thought that Monica was a stronger character and she would enjoy doing that. She did!

9. Chandler, a gay?
Everyone thought he was gay LOL. Because he was so awkward in real life and in the script that everyone thought he was gay. Even when Lisa read the script, she thought the same.


Feeling excited after knowing these? Keep finding more.

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