AdSense Ad variations: Link Units and themed Ad Units.


Link units and themed ad units are two types of AdSense ads that help increase the quality of delivery of AdSense ads showcased on websites. Below  we will see what link units and themed ad units are:

Themed ad units: Themed ad units are ad units based on selective themes. Themes could be characterized by colors or graphics that represent a particular occasion illustrated by the theme. The occasion could be New Year’s, Christmas, or any events such. To be noted, themed Ads can only be employed if they are provided by the advertisers and if themed Ads have been enabled on your AdSense accounts. The smart element of themed ads is that, though different occasions occur at varying times, themed ads will be displayed based on the location of the person visiting the site.

Link units: The alternative to themed units are, link unit advertising. The end result though same (target driven advertising), link units function rather differently. They are designed to provide better meaning to the advertisement viewed by site visitors, by presenting them with a list of topics to choose from. This leads to the visitors viewing only the ads related to the topic they chose, thereby making their website all the more meaningful. The topics presented to the visitors depend on the site content. This is to ensure topics are relevant to the website content. One thing to be noted with link units is that, clicking on the topic does not earn you revenue; the ad clicks are the ones that generate revenue. Implementing link units isn’t as complex as it sounds, like every other AdSense product, copy-paste the AdSense code in the html code of your webpage, this can be done only once.


Here you have the two variations explained neatly, choose wisely and happy advertising!

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