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AdSense for feeds is in the beta test phase for now, while the content publishers await for its release to start generating revenue. Below mentioned are some tips that will aid in maximizing the earning potential from feed AdSense.


Content Quality: AdSense’s essence kicks in only when the content pleases the viewer. When people like your content, they subscribe, and with growing subscription your chances of success with AdSense for feeds increases. What people look for is quality content that is updated regularly, and is in a format that is easily understandable by the visitors. To top the cake, the cherry should be null grammar and spelling mistakes.


Content Quantity: Make sure your feeds and fed with as much content as possible. The key is proving that your feed is useful for the subscribers.


Restrict Ad Units: Ads may be a boon for you, but for users they’re definitely annoying. Should your feed contain too many ads, the users might not subscribe out of sheer dislike. Limiting to one ad per feed will help ensure good subscription to your feeds. One small tip for a good feed is to position the ad in a way the viewer isn’t disturbed. Placing the ads at the end of the article or somewhere around the middle, where half of the article is spoken about will help optimizing position.

With these in mind, you may commence working AdSense for your feeds. By keeping content healthy, and ads optimal, you can make the most out of AdSense for feeds!



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