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The quest begins to find keywords which really matter when ads get posted by publishers. People tend to aim higher and better after Google AdSense stepped into the ring. The greater the cost of the keywords purchased by the advertiser, the greater is the income every time a surfer clicks on the link.

Finding keywords that suit your ad could be challenging. Begin by discovering your true objective, why do you want to promote your product or service. Once you’ve answered this question, the very highlight of your answer could be keyword. You’ll eventually find these if you need them though.

If you are determined to grasp keywords which would benefit you later based on the number of clicks, and if you can afford them, then you might as well pay for them. However, there are organizations ready to recommend you a number of impressive keywords, which would fetch you some nice revenue through AdSense in addition to SEO. One can easily get access to these services online, for example, is a site wiling to award you relevant keywords, using which, you can get your returns maximized.

Most certainly, you can eventually resort to a method of hunting for the keywords yourself. A trial and error method always works out. Try a few keywords for yourself and check if they give you the desirable click count. If they turn out to be good enough, stick to them. You could always experiment with new tags, given; they are relevant to your content. This approach, as compared to buying keywords from someone, can get you to your destination faster, narrowing down the number of times you search. Making things convenient further, ensure that you have kept AdSense’s ‘Channels’ feature on. This can be of great help in tracking the sections of your site receiving the most number of clicks, thereby generating high profit.

Since getting on board can sometimes drive you doubtful, there are plenty of options you can explore before you are sure about your keywords. Overture, one of AdSense’s arch enemies, could aid you through your doubts if you find yourself stuck in a tight spot. You will be detailed on the income you’ll be offered by the advertisers with reference to the keywords you enter. Apart from this, you’ll be informed about the number of clicks your keywords will fancy. You can access this facility at

Word tracker ( is another powerful tool. This tool will let you know if there are other sites using the same keywords as you are planning to use. It is important for your ads and your tags to be unique. In case there is any other site using the same keywords as you, it doesn’t make a difference to the surfers and there might be chances where they may choose the other site over yours. Thus to make sure this scenario never occurs, keep your keywords unique.

In fact, Google itself could be a helping hand if you really want your tags to be perfect. Look up for the tags you think would be appropriate for your page on Google. On the left of your results page, you might find your competitors, typically, your rivals if they contain Google AdSense ads and on the right side, the results displayed are perhaps ads related to your search. But then again, if there are no such results, you can definitely go ahead and think about using these keywords for your ad. Make sure your keywords are related to your ad and they aren’t dead words, or words which don’t match links on AdSense (except Public ads). This is highly imperative and therefore you need to work on this.

The aforementioned methods only deal with the situation where you find yourself locked, unable to make decisions if you’re walking on the right track. Well, if you come across dull websites and are shocked to learn that they earn jaw-dropping AdSense revenue, then using these guidelines can get you on the same boat as them; and if you are smart enough to these proficiently, may be way ahead of them. But don’t forget how important it is to maintain the clicks on your advert, since this makes a big difference, no matter how much you earn. Clicks will lead you to better profit rates in any case.

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