Amazing Animals that You didn’t Know exists


Happy news for the animal lovers, I’m going to introduce you with some more of your friends. Of course it is not possible for us to know each one of the animal species because there are crores of animals. But you would love to know some more, wouldn’t you? You will be amazed to know that strange creatures actually exist in our world.

Okay, I’ve raised enough curiosity and you must be impatient by now. So without putting up long sentences I’ll tell you about amazing animals which most of us don’t know about.

1. Aye Aye
Found in Madagascar, Aye-ayes are related to apes, chimpanzees and humans. They don’t look like them but they are relatives. They have big eyes with slim fingers and large sensitive ears. No mischief in front of them, their ears and eyes are always open and they’re alert LOL. They are generally dark brown or black in colour and have a bushy tail which is bigger than their body. You haven’t got the chance to see them perhaps because they are nocturnal and hate coming down to earth. They spend their lives clinging to the trees in rain forests. So, if you meet such a creature don’t forget to tell it, “Aye-Aye Captain”
Aye Aye

2. Pink Fairy Armadillo.
Heard of tooth fairy but who’s this pink fairy now? Is she another beautiful angel? Well, no. That’s a very cute little animal which might be hearing about for the first time. If you see them, it looks as if the cutest thing with a shield. But mind you, just because they are little you can’t get away with them. They have some really dangerous paws. Their real name is Chlamyphorus truncates and they are 10cm in length. They feed on ants and live in burrows. If these cuties interested you, then you can pay them a visit in Argentina.
Pink Fairy Armadillo

3. Penis Snake.
Okay, you might think I’m insane but take a look at it; this snake actually looks like a penis. And guess what? It is long, LOL. Atretochoana eiselti or penis snake is an eerie creature. Don’t worry it is not a live penis, neither it is a snake. It’s a caecilian amphibian recently rediscovered in Madeira River in 2011. When they were found in the river, I bet the people must have gone crazy to find such big dicks lol.
Amazing animals Penis Snake

4. Dumbo Octopus.
No, they are not really dumb. Grimpoteuthis is a bell shaped creature with ear-like fins that lives in the deep sea. They move by slowly flapping their fins and using their arms to steer. One amazing fact about them is that the female ones can store sperm after mating with the male. They use these sperms to reproduce whenever the conditions are favourable. Getting pregnant only when you want! Amazing, no?
Amazing animals Dumbo Octopus

5. Naked More Rats.
You will feel like puking if you ever get to see these weird creatures and trust me, they exist. The naked mole-rat or Heterocephalus glaber is found in East Africa. They have poor eyesight with small eyes and their legs are short and thin. However, they have a naked big body. They have this amazing talent to move backwards at the same speed like moving forward. They live in groups with dominant queen, so beware! You can find them in Southeaster Europe, Middle East and Mediterranean North Africa.
Amazing animals Naked More Rats

6. Blobfish.
Psychrolutes marcidus or the blobfish is another ugly deep sea creature. This fish can be found in the Australian seas. They have a jelly like body which helps them float with very little effort. They don’t go and prey for food; instead they just swallow whatever edible thing passes by them in the sea. They look totally different when brought out of water. But whatever it be, they are tagged as one of the ugly creatures.
Amazing animals Blobfish

7. Lamprey.
These don’t even look like living beings. I don’t know what they look like but they are weird for sure. I’m sure you never imagined that something like this existed. So, these creatures are jaw-less with a funnel-like mouth. They physically resemble eels and have a unique face. They are mostly found in coastal and fresh waters in the most temperate regions. You should definitely have a look at them.
Amazing animals Lamprey

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