Amazing Dancing Styles in Different Parts of the World


Dance is passion for some people and entertainment for some, but it is joyful for all. Even a newborn kid loves to dance. Dancing makes even a sad person happy. Did you wonder how many ways can a person dance? Well you better not because the dance styles are probably infinite in number. Different people from different regions have their own way of dancing, including the traditional ones.
I have numbered few top dance styles that are originated from different parts of the world. Enjoy reading and learn the steps!
1. Yangko Dance – This one is a traditional one but believe me this as wonderful as any modern dance. Originated in China, this dance style is the traditional folk dance of the Han Chinese and is an important part of their culture. This dance syncs one’s body with the rhythm of music. The dancers move their wait and hip to move forward their feet and sway their body with the music.

2. Capoiera – This is a really fascinating dancing style which would want to keep watching. Though watching is really fun, dancing in this style is difficult. However, the dancers have passion and they enjoy this. It is a dance from Brazil which involves martial arts. This dance is too awesome to be described in words. To know more about it, do watch a video!

3. Kathak – This is highly cultural and rich in dance. The steps are simply gracious and beautiful. It is said that Indian classical dance has eight forms and kathak is one of them. This dance style was originated from the ancient northern India by the Kathakars or the storytellers. The dancers tell a story through this dance. From the 16th century, this dance has also absorbed certain features of the Persian and Central Asian Dance.

4. Gangam Style – You must be aware of the famous song named Gangam Style. Well, it was not just a song but it is a dance style for real. It is a Korean dance form which depicts the life style followed in the Gangam district of Seoul.

5. Tap Dance – You must have watched this dance on TV. It is very popular and it should be. This is a really attention attracting dance form in which dancer’s wear small metal plates below their shoes and tap their feet to make music. It perfectly synchronised.

6. Ballet – Another famous one! This dance style was originated in Italy and it is extremely beautiful. It looks angels from heaven swaying in music. Though it was originated in Italy, it developed in Russia and France. This dance style is choreographed in orchestral or vocal music. A really tough dance with high level of perfection, this dance is all about romance.

7. Polka – Originated in Bohemia, this is a popular folk music genre. It is a couple-dance and has been accepted as an ethnic symbol. Couples perform this dance by rotating around the circle which is the basic step of this dance form. It has an alternating format between Polka and jumps. The couple makes small jumps on one leg.

8. Swing dance – This dance style is also known as the Jitterbug and is developed with the swing style of jazz music. It was originated in Harlem in 1930s. It is a group of dances with many different forms and is spread across the world. The most famous form of swing dance is the Lindy Hop. A good part about this dance style is that it is not just for competition but danced socially for fun too.

9. Fandango – This dance form is originated from Spain and it is a cheerful couple-dance. Earlier this dance involved only two dancers who did not touch each other throughout the dance but later it has evolved to include larger number of dancers. This style starts with a slow rhythmic pace and gradually increasing with clapping and snapping.

10. Can-Can – This is from France involving high-energy dance. Originally this dance was performed by both men and women but as it evolved, it has become a chorus line of female dancers. Earlier this dance was considered scandalous and people performing were arrested. The can-can is not considered as part of the world’s culture.
If you are a great dancer and know more about awesome dance styles, don’t hesitate to drop it below!

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