Amazing Facts about Shakira That’ll Make You Fall in Love with Her



Shakira had been one of the most loved celebrities always. Many people just know her by her famous songs only, but if you know more about her, you will definitely fall in love with her. Besides being a successful singer and a super star, she is also an amazing person.

For all her fans, how well do you know her? Here are some really interesting and little known facts about Shakira that will definitely make you love her more than before!

  1. The Secret behind her name.
    ‘Shakira’ has in Arabic means full of grace or grateful. Well, she is full of grace indeed. However, her real name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll. Her name is a beauty, just like her.


  1. Her Family.
    We all know who she is, but a few know who she was. Let’s find out something about her family. Born to William Mebarak Chadid and Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado, she lived in Barranquilla, Colombia. She has eight siblings from her father’s first marriage, she being the youngest. She’s had a pretty good childhood learning Arabian Belly dancing from her grandmother. Yes, right, she learnt it from her nana.shakira-family


  1. Reason behing Tus Gafas Oscuras.
    Remember the beautiful and touchy song name, Tus Gafas Oscuras (Your Dark Glasses)? Well, it his beautiful just because of her talent but also because the emotions were real. She had lost her half-brother when she was just two years old. She was too small at that time but the seeing her father’s grief, touched her soul. She wrote the song about her father’s grief over losing his son.


  1. She’s been engaged to the son of the president!
    We know this much that almost every guy would fall in love with the beauty in her. But who would get along with the son of the president? Has to be Shakira. She was not just in a relationship, but engaged to the son, Antonio de la Rua, of the then-president of Argentina. Isn’t that awesome?!antonio-de-la-rua-shakira


  1. Represented her Country at a young age!
    It takes a great personality to represent one’s country and Shakira did that at a very young age. She had represented Colombia at the Vina del Mar festival when she was just a teenager. Not just represented, she also won the third place by singing her own song named “Eres.”


  1. She’s really brilliant!
    Many celebrities excel in their forte but lack in IQ. This is not the same in the case of Shakira. She is intelligent and has a good IQ level for real. It’s like the beauty with brains. With an IQ of 140, she also knows a lot of languages including Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese very fluently. She even broke the average IQ of 100! Real smart, lady.


  1. Performs bare-foot!
    I’m sure 90% of us didn’t know that. Shakira performs bare-footed at most of her concerts. Either for being unique or for comfort, she rocks it anyway.


  1. A good-girl with no ill-habits.
    Unlike most of the celebrities, she does not have any bad habits. By that I mean, she doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. Don’t you feel she’s lovely for real?


  1. The Bollywood Love she has!
    Even if I don’t bring out this fact, it is quite evident from her performances that she’s a big time fan of Bollywood. She loves bollywood so much that she has even performed bollywood styles in her concerts.


  1. Her love for children.
    She being an intelligent beauty, has a really soft heart. She loves children a lot and has been often seen with them. Not just her own family children but any children. In fact she has also been awarded by the U.N. International Labour Organization for her works for children. A good person, indeed.shakira-with-kids


  1. She does not have any tattoos.
    Not a single one!


  1. Her favourites!
    Among the various things she loves to do, her favourite one is painting. Her favourite flowers are daisy and sunflower while favourite colours being black and white. A funny fact is that she loves to paint fried eggs! She loves to eat mojarra fried with patacon, Arabian food, seafood, and chocolate balls. Her favourite bands are The Police and U2.shakira-painting

Here is one of her Song “La Bicicleta” I am unable to understand single word of its lyrics 😛 but lost my self every time when listen it 🙂 check this out and share your views in comment box.

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