Amazing Fashion Hacks Every Girl Should Know


Dressing up perfectly takes such effort and nothing is more annoying when they refuse to stay perfect. Either a strand comes out or your perfect ties fall loose, something has to happen and make you uncomfortable. The worst problem is you can’t fix it in public. Wardrobe malfunctioning in public is so harassing, isn’t it? Especially for the girls who feel helpless. You spend so much on your outfit and make over but up having some mess. The too tight and too loose is another big problem.

I know it is difficult to get rid of all of them but we have some brilliant fashion and clothing hacks that you must know. They will be a great relief for you!

  1. Stretching your shoes!
    Scared of wearing new shoes because of those painful shoe bites? No more of them! Just stretch your shoes and they will be perfectly comfortable. How to do that? It is very simple. You just need water. Fill up a lot of plastic zip lock bags with half water and seal it. Make sure you keep out most of the air from it. Stuff your shoes with them and put it in the freezer. It will be better when you remove them.

Stretching your shoes!

  1. How to prevent your zipper from flying down.
    Isn’t it embarrassing when your zipper flies down every time you sit? You can’t even pull it up in public. Sometimes if your pant is tight, the zipper keeps coming down while walking. You don’t even get a washroom on the roads. So annoying it is. Don’t worry, I’ve got an amazing trick and you should know this. You just need an elastic band to fix it. Tie an elastic band to the clip of your zipper and after pulling up, tie the other end to the button or just put it over. You can even use a ring or zip holder for this purpose.


  1. Keep your clothes thread free.
    Do your favourite clothes get pilled with threads? It starts happening just after the first wash. Of course it looks ugly and not wear-able. You definitely don’t want to give away your favourite pair of pants. What do we do then? Simple, just shave it. Use a razor and shave off the pills on your pants


  1. Best and quick way to iron your collars.
    Something wrong in your sexiest shirt? Must be the collar. If you like wearing ironed clothes then you must know the struggle for getting a perfectly ironed collar. Even after being careful there will be a crease at some corner. So the best way to get a perfectly ironed collar is by straightening it with a hair straightener. That’s like a simple iron, no?

Best and quick way to iron your collars


  1. Save your buttons.
    Do your buttons unravel or get loose frequently? Most of the time it falls off without even giving you a hint. Then you are just left with an odd piece of dress. A button has a very significant effect; one down the rest loses it synchronisation. You don’t even get another matching one so easily. Why not fix it before it gets loose? When you feel your buttons getting loose, use transparent nail polish. Put some nail polish on it and it will be fixed for eternity.


  1. Prevent under-arm sweat stains.
    Underarm sweat is a big problem in these summers and it looks terribly ugly with the patch marks. You can’t even lift up your arms. And when you have to travel in a public bus and hold the handle up, you are in trouble. So why not prevent it? No no can’t stop the sweat from coming, let’s just stop it from reaching your clothes. You just need to do padding in between. Keep a napkin or a pad between your underarm and your dress. It will soak up the sweat and not let any stains show.

Prevent under-arm sweat stains


  1. Shine your leather shoes.
    Leather starts losing its shine with time. But do you want it back? You surely do. Leather shoes and jackets don’t look good without their shine. An easy way of getting them is by applying moisturiser on them. You can even use oil. You will require very little of them. Just rub it on the leather and it will shine bright like a diamond 😉


So now that you know about these amazing fashion hacks, start going out freely!

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