Amazing Outfit Ideas for a Perfect Look


Whoever says looks don’t matter needs to reconsider their opinion. Of course it matters! The way you dress and appear says a lot about you. But why is it that you are always confused about what to wear? The ladies specially. You spend hours selecting your dress but end up with nothing. Sometimes it is really annoying. Many a time I have noticed people cancelling plans because they can’t decide what to wear.

At the end, whatever we wear we want to look good. So let’s take that and plan some hot and amazing outfits for you.

1. The Match and break.
When you have problems matching clothes, specially the upper and lower, don’t match Simple! Wear the same colour or fabric up and down. Suppose you wear denim jeans and a denim shirt or a white shirt with pant. Wait, that’s not enough. Use a breaker, maybe a blazer or a jacket with a different fabric and colour. Put on some minimalistic sandals and take metallic clutch. That’s all. If you tie up your hair in a neat pony then let them drool because you look perfect!

2. The romantic date outfit.
Whenever you are going on a romantic date or just feel like dressing up pretty instead of hot, pick this. Pastels are amazing for such occasions. Pick up a light pink one piece, a simple one without any work or print. Choose the same coloured belly shoes and pashmina. To add a little more feminine touch, wear rosy pink makeup and a messy bun or hanging curls.

3. Dungarees!
For a casual outing keep a casual but fashionable outfit, just like this one. Put on a stripped, full-sleeve tee (black or red stripes on white would do) inside the dungaree and make a messy bun. Take a sexy black scarf, wrapping around your neck, and a black/red sling bag. Put on sneakers and shades. There you go hottie!

4. The shirt-sweater-skirt combo.
This is a sweet and cute outfit. Make a pair of sweater and collar-shirt. Red and white looks amazing. Accompany it with a black skirt, a swingy one. Wear a lovely hat and little heels. Done!

5. Floral crop tops.
Pair your trousers and shirt with similar colours. The light colours are preferable for this, like white or sky blue. Put on a floral printed crop top, you can even wear stripes or full printed tops. Match your shades and sandals to give good accessory combo. Leave your with a loose pony and your outfit is ready.

6. Black & White.
A stylish, suited for all occasion outfit. You look pretty, smart and hot at the same time. White shirt and black trousers with a black and white hat. Use breakers by putting on different coloured shoes and pair it with your purse.

7. Ripped jeans and jacket.
Another one for a hangout with friends. Put on a tank top, stripped one preferred, and smart ripped jeans. To complete your funky look, wear a denim jacket and pick any wedges. Denim jackets and ripped jeans make amazing combo. Doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or fat, you will look hot in them. Don’t forget to put on your shades!

8. Jumpsuits.
If you had been longing to wear jumpsuits but couldn’t figure out if you’d look good, then we have a total outfit set up with it that will definitely make you look awesome. Perfect for summers and springs, jumpsuits are cool! Wear any jumpsuit that you like and put on a contrasting tee underneath. Wear simple accessories like necklaces or chains and bangles too. A messy bun looks perfect with it, though you will look good with hair open as well. If you want to look smart then wear sneakers and for a hot chick look, wear sandals.

9. Simple and cool!
To have a simple yet cool look, try this outfit. All you need is a check shirt, full sleeve or quarter sleeve, a short black midi skirt and belly shoes. You can even use a cool hat to give a smart touch. Tuck in your shirt and don’t wear your skirt low-waist. You can carry a simple sling bag if you wish. You will look pretty!

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