Amazing Tips to Make Your Daily Life Easier


You have to do so many things with just 24 hours! How do you manage it? Well, you sure end up getting frustrated with all this. You know it can be way easier if you could plan things wisely and use better ways to do things.

In spite giving all your effort you are always fed up of so much work, it just never ends. And then there are so many problems too. Maintaining a house is the biggest problem. Let me be a little kind and give some super awesome tips that will make your days a bit easier and help you deal with household problems.

Here it goes…

  1. No more tears while cutting onions.
    The worst part of cooking that makes you hate the task even if it’s your most favourite hobby. You are already tired with the day’s work and hurriedly cooking supper but the onions have to annoy and make you cry. Here’s a useful tip to avoid that. Chew gum! Yes, that helps while cutting onions and besides stopping the tears you get the lovely taste of it too!

Amazing Tips1

  1. Peeling boiled potatoes quickly.
    Sometimes it gets just too sticky when boiled and gives you trouble peeling. Even when it’s raw, it is time consuming. Anyway we hate peeling off the skin of vegetables, irritating job! You can follow simple ways to make that easier. First, make a slight line with the knife at the middle of the potato (taking the knife around it) before boiling. Like the mark divides the potato into two. After it is boiled, just pull from both sides and it will come off easily at once. Another way is even easier. Just put them in cold water immediately after boiling and peel after sometime.


  1. To whiten white clothes.
    You don’t have to bring expensive detergents or solutions and follow strenuous steps to keep the clothes bright. Uniforms are mostly white and they need to be kept in a good condition. Lemons are an amazing whitening agent. Don’t apply it directly as it will have reverse effect. Soak the clothes in warm water and put a half sliced lemon in that water. Keep it soaked for not more than ten minutes. You will be pleased with the outcome.


  1. Get rid of ant problems.
    You can’t keep anything safe! These ant armies are so annoying, especially during summer. Besides just attacking the sweet stuff, they won’t spare the sweet you as well. They will crawl over and bless you with a sharp bite. Do you want that at the end of a tiring day? No? Okay, then just keep them away. Yes yes I’m telling how. It is said that ants hate cucumbers so just use that. No, you don’t have to waste cucumbers on them. Just keep the skins wherever they have built their castles. They will be out of your sight soon.

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  1. Annoying rats.
    Try saving any single thing from them, they will screw you. My mother is more scared of rats entering a house than the thieves. They will not just gobble up all the food but your expensive clothes and important documents too. These mischievous creatures don’t like black peppers. So sprinkle black peppers in their favourite places and the rest will be done.


  1. Removing ink from clothes.
    This is a very common issue because the pens these days love exploding. Keep it in your pocket and they will do their favourite job. Your clothes will be left inked. But you don’t want to put away your clothes always, they might be new. Removing it isn’t that difficult. You can use tooth paste. Apart from cleaning your teeth, it can also clean your clothes. Apply tooth paste on the ink spots and keep it that way for few minutes. Wash if off once it dries. Your dress will be spotless!


  1. Easiest way to sleep.
    Many people have sleeping problems and that just adds to your tiredness. Sleeping pills are not always advisable because of their harmful side effects. There’s a better and totally harmless trick. You just need to blink! Surprised? But it helps. Blink fast for a minute. This will make your eyes tired and tired eyes fall asleep quicker.

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Aren’t these totally amazing? I hope these tricks will make your life a bit easier than what it was. If you know some more tips then you’re welcome to put them down in the comments.

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