Beauty Hacks Every Girl Deserves to Know


You got your makeup ruined. You want to cover that big ugly zit that is popping out on your forehead, or has your nail polish been smudged and have to start all over again? Do not worry; with these steps, we got your back. We will show you how to fix everything right here. Here is a list of some beauty hacks that every girl/women will need it at some point of her life.


1. Red Lipstick as a cover-up for Dark Circles
Red Lipstick as a cover-up for Dark Circles
You are all prepped up for a party, but concealer does not seem to have done a good job with hiding it. Since red is a common colour in lipsticks, I am sure you all have one. Rub your finger over the lipstick – do not take too much, a gentle rub is fine – and apply it under your eyes. Do not rub just dab it and apply concealer over it and bam your dark circles are covered.


2. Applying Foundation
Applying Foundation
Foundation can never be applied evenly. It always ends up looking like a Halloween mask. To get your foundation perfectly even or natural, apply the foundation from the CENTER, spread it all over the face, and blend well. That is how you will get a more natural look.


3. Bronzer Instead of Contouring Stick
Bronzer Instead of Contouring Stick
Want to get the perfect contour over your face? Want to slim your face and make it look natural but fail all the time? here is how you make the perfect contour with a bronzer. Make a 3 over your forehead, cheekbone and jaw line, blend it well and there you have a perfect contour over your face.


4. Cover the Zit
Cover the Zit
The ugly zit is back on your face and you certainly cannot leave the house with that big thing on your face. Here is how you can cover it up under 2 minutes. Apply a layer of foundation, concealer and setting powder and your face looks like it was never covered in zits.


5. Brow Mascara
Brow Mascara
Brow pencils don’t seem to work well for you and you end up looking like the angry bird with that thick brow. If you want a perfect brow use the L’oreal brow mascara just a stroke and you have the natural looking brow.


6. Clear Mattifier for Oily Skin
Clear Mattifier for Oily Skin
The loose powder will make your oily face look cakey so to avoid that use clear mattifier before or after the makeup and you will look fresh as ever.


7. Foundation Test on Neck and Not Face
Foundation Test on Neck and Not Face
Because you’re exposed to the sun the face colour is not similar to your body colour. Apply the shades of foundation on your neck to pick the precise colour for your face.


8. No Shimmer for Oily Skin
No Shimmer for Oily Skin
DO NOT use shimmer if you have oily skin because that will let you skin be shinier. Use matte instead of shimmer. Go for matte blushes, concealer and bronzer.


9. Clean your Brush
Clean your Brush
Squeeze face washes over the bristles of the brush and gently rub it and rinse it off. Your makeup will be applied and be blended well if you have cleaner brushes.


10. No pulling Your Eyelid While Applying Eyeliner
No pulling Your Eyelid While Applying Eyeliner
It’s because the eye is a very sensitive are on your face, it may lose its elasticity. Instead, draw a line with an ear-bud and trace the liner over it. That way you will also have a perfect winged liner.


11. Get the Perfect Wing
Get the Perfect Wing
We all have failed to get the perfect winged eyeliner. One always seems to take off while the other one seems to be landing. How to perfect your wing. Use a credit card or a scotch tape. Cut the tape and stick it under the eye evenly, most preferred will be credit card because the eye is a sensitive are. Place the card under the eye and get your perfect wing in no time.


12. Get them Big Eyes
Get them Big Eyes
Want that big pretty eyes and make it look natural, then here is a must try the hack. Instead of applying black all over your eyes, apply a black liner, brown liner at the bottom and nude/white liner in your waterline and there you have big eyes.


13. Pour Tap Water Before Swimming
Pour Tap Water Before Swimming
Hate it how your hair becomes rough and dry after coming out of the pool filled with chlorine water. There is a way to prevent the damage that is caused to your hair. Pour tap so water over your hair. The hair absorbs the tap water and prevents it from being damaged.


14. Do not Pump the Mascara
Do not Pump the Mascara
Pumping the mascara leads to bacteria growth through the air that’s being pumped in it. instead, scrape the sides of the tube and take it out with an angle that will help you get a good amount of mascara on the wand.

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