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Your travel dairies never end. There are places you travel to. Wherever you travel you need clothes. And sometimes the special ones. It is okay to wear full clothes when you are going to Jungle or some hill station. But when it is beach time, Bikini!! It is time to wear bikini for you have sacrificed your eating part and have reduced your fats. Time to show off your assets :D. Every female body differs in shape so do Bikinis. Here are types of bikinis according to your body shape:
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  • Perfect hourglass figure: Women with figure shape of hourglass can actually wear the most revealing bikini i.e. String bikini. String bikini pieces are connected through strings that can be tied according to the woman’s body curves and can be adjusted accordingly. As this bikini has no side covers they look beautiful if the woman has flat sides of chest, while fat sides will make you feel uncomfortable. Microkinis are also another best option if you are looking up towards only closing your genitals and the skin or around area. Moreover, light colors are appreciated for slim and perfect body.
    Bikni Kinds2
  • Straight figure: Straight body is usually with no difference in shape with the whole body i.e. measurement of bust, hips and stomach is same. It is important to know the kind of shape your body has and use bikini accordingly. Straight figured ladies are advised to wear to Sling bikini or Skritini. These kinds have bold bottoms with designs and patterns. Wearing them would make your body look in illusion curves, in turn sexy. Sling bikinis are attached ones i.e. they are like one piece. Skritini has bottoms like skirts that are short in height (of course).Bikni Kinds3
  • Pyramid or inverted pyramid: Body with pyramid shape is suggested to put in bandeaukini which has uppers with no cleavage and no straps or strings and most revealing bottoms. They even cover your side fat if there any, so that you look equal in chest and waist. Happy figure J While inverted pyramid shaped bodies must prefer the most revealing uppers and Skritini bottoms. Happy figure again J
  • Player or gym body: There is no prediction what shape in a gym body can come into except that they are the fittest bodies and sometimes may not seem sexy. Yes, you can call perfect glass figure women a bit healthy and also sexy. Now that you are an athlete or player, you need bottoms that are like your regular underwear i.e. cheeky bottoms and halter tops. The ultimate motto is I want you to look awesome and attention seeking. You can even try trikini.Bikni Kinds4
  • Round body: Round bodies are usually chubby in stomach like areas. For this banded bottoms are available that fit smoothly on your tummy making it slim and you look sexy. Even the uppers cover the side fat if there any. Bandeaukini will be appreciated.
  • Petite body: Small bust, small hips and small height. Hey cutieJ. You need revealing bikini. Stay away from coverable tops and bottoms. Strings bikini, padded tops and print designs’ bikinis will be the best for you to look sexy.
  • Healthy body: Everyone has the right to wear a bikini, no matter what shape or size. Healthy bodies are suggested to wear Tankini for that you will look best in it. It is a chance for healthy bodies to wear tankini; flat bodies will never be able to show them in tankinis. Tankinis have tank tops and bottoms normal. They are not revealing and are comfortable to roam in. Moreover, if you are looking for less tanning, this bikini type is well suited.Bikni Kinds5

There are types of materials that bikinis are made up of:

    • Lycra: This material is not actually like nylon. The elements differ in both. Lycra swim suits are preferred by scuba divers so that it is tight fitting and doesn’t move in water pressures. If you aren’t planning to just get tan but also have plans to play in waters for hours Lycra material bikinis are best suited.
    • Nylon: As you know swimming pool swimmers are not allowed without nylon material swim suits; they don’t soak water. Nylon bikinis don’t get heavy in waters and thus won’t give the tension whether you are losing them in.
    • Cotton: These are suggested for you if you are on beach just for the sun part. Sun may make sweating and thus to soak the undercover areas, cotton is the best option. Plus, if you choice cotton; they make you look fat and also they come in various designs and patterns. Floral designs look best on cotton bikinis.

Occasionally, even there are bikinis available with prescribed crystals, stones, jewels, and other precious metals. These kinds of bikinis are usually seen on belly dancers or even some hotel waitresses wear them. Though, if you are up to something new, try these.

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