Do girls get friend zoned?


World where boys are famous for getting friend zoned, is it possible for girls to get friend zoned? Yes, it is possible. Love and relationships are not about gender but is about choices and differences. Even boys may have criteria to have a girlfriend. For the woman who wants to stay more than friends with a guy will approach him, but he may not want to stay more than friends to her. What apparently is his appeal of friendship may give her an impression of attraction. There she fails to understand and gets friend zoned. Reasons behind girls getting friend zoned maybe:

  1. He had break up recently: Even guys need someone to support them after break up. Maybe, he thought she is the one to support him after break up but girl took him seriously and she gets friend zoned. He tries to share his heavy mind with her and thus he becomes closer which in turn displays his kindness and ‘everything sharing guy’ to her. He really doesn’t have any hard feelings for her, though.Do girls get friend zoned? | Stay Update
  2. He never saw her with those eyes: Some guys just have friendship on their minds and nothing more than that. He is frank and very friendly with her for that he wants to stay great friends with. He sometimes flirts, but is not planning any future with her.
  3. He is already in a committed relationship: I know some people, though, being in a relationship try to hit on someone else or even their partner’s best friend. On second thought, they friend zone her, anyway. Sometimes, as I said before he is just trying to be good friends with her. Tip- Girls, make sure he has someone already or not before you go that close to him. You can ask him casually and stop it there and can save you from getting friend zoned. :DDo girls get friend zoned? | Stay Update
  4. He has that ‘chaddi buddy’: Fathers of these buddies may be friends or close colleagues that their children stay close to each other since childhood. He anyway knows that he is going to marry her. ‘Happy Realization’ makes him to friend zone the third girl.
  5. She is hurdle in his career: He is friends with her but she is trying to get into his private life. Nerds never like anyone interrupting them or like anyone being a hurdle in their career. Even if he has feelings for her, he will reject her to not ruin his career (he thinks he can’t handle both at a time). Finally, when she asks him, he may friend zone her.
  6. He knows castes may create problems: Not to deny with fact that, different castes has different rituals and rules that it might become problematic for both of them. He has examples seen and know the consequences of it. He isn’t old fashioned but is afraid of relationship being ruined later on. Despite both of them have equal liking towards each other, he will friend zone her due to this.
  7. He had bad relationships: Everyone has past and if not you are too small. 😀 His past experiences maybe the worst ones which now let him think that all of his new relationships will be bad too. Love is a hard part on him. On no other thought he will directly friend zone her.
  8. He sees you only as a.. : He foresees her only as a friend, best friend, problem solver, sister, etc. and nothing more than that. He may approach her only for his assignments and nothing personal. He might talk to her in proper and good manner in exam halls to just get answers from her.
  9. His best friend likes her, too: Boys compromise for their best friends. Even if he has feelings for her he will never tell her for that his ‘bhai’ is in love with her since many days.Do girls get friend zoned? | Stay Update
  10. She is not his kind: Guys have some girlfriend criteria too. He may not see what he wants in her. Thus, it’s time for her to get friend zone. :p
  11. His sister thinks she isn’t the right girl: He counts his sister in. :p If his sister thinks she is a bad girl than she is.

Getting friend zone is not bad but is something that stops leading both into wrong relationship without getting insulted. Take positive out of it and move on and keep trying for that not every time you will get friend zoned. 😉

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