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It is not only woman who needs to sty updated with fashion, but also men need to. No women, in fact no woman would like you as old fashioned with no sense of fashion. There are particular aspects that you must look forward to when you want to make yourself look charming and out-standing. Here are some tips that may follow to make a good impression or even feel beautiful about you:

  1. Your beard: There are 80% women who like and love men with beard. Rest 20% maybe, lesbians. Lul :3 . Well, the manhood point of you attracts women plus not talking the women part, it makes you look stunning. Beard gives you mature and manly look. It is the reason why you may build confidence. Like Women have boobs, Men have beard. Will you like a woman with no boobs? Beard it, dude. 😉 Suit yourself; broad beard looks good on 70% men, light one suits everyone. If you are confused whether to have a broad one or light, ask your friends to suggest or try every month different kinds, one day you will know. Wish woman could grow beard as a normal trait. LFashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  2. Simple shirts don’t work: Simply wearing formal T-shirts or shirts that are dull in color is not going to do. Those plane pink or white shirts or formals don’t always work when you call yourself modern. (White color doesn’t work until it is Adidas or Nike). Wearing patterns and funky clothes won’t make you look girlish but it will appear as if you are stylish. Suiting ones and decent ones with colors; upper wears will make you look like a man with great and creative mind. Fashion today wants men to wear shirts those are sleeveless, Chex, full sleeve but button less T-shirts, V front neck with full sleeves, branded ones will work every time.Fashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  3. Footwear: Footwear is the first thing people notice in you. As long as you are wearing matching ones no one will care but ones you wear dirty, not matching, idiotic ones, they will judge you on it, no matter what. Full or half Loafers on anklet jeans/trousers, studs during sports, causal shoes with latest patterns, chappals that have broad straps, Woodland shoes, Sneakers, Chukkas, Canvas, etc. When you are wearing shoes, socks those are suitable and branded are lie cherry on the cake.Fashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  4. Be tidy and iron them, dude: No one like you being untidy and dirty. Wash your clothes regularly. Laundry is option if you are lazy. Just bringing the branded and latest clothes; it is not done. Stingy and ruined with holes will make anyone’s expression go ‘yaakkk !’ I had to put this point in because in today’s busy life it is observed that people have become lazy to care about clothes. If you are washing them at home or if your maid does, it is your duty to iron the needed clothes. Crushed ones look shabby. “Hygiene is Health.”Fashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  5. Coats look fabulous: The trend of wearing coat or jacket never fades away. A guy with beard, leather shoes, causals and Jacket is a perfect combination. <3 Contrasting with your inner shirt, jackets look awesome. There are kinds of jackets for every season that you are available with. Jackets come in types and may be made up of wool and may be broad. Coats are usually thin and royal feeling ones if are branded. Occasions and seasons on it will depend. Not compulsory to wear them but if want to look famishing, try them.Fashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  6. Medium fitting clothes are best: No on the shit likes men wearing those fitting clothes. Until and unless you are fit to wear them. Fair enough! Not even too lose clothes will suit anyone. Medium fitting that will suit you is best. Looking good should be your aim and not looking weird, unless it is Halloween.Fashion Tips For Men | Stay UpdateFashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  7. Go shopping with someone: Shopping clothes with only your view is difficult. You may bring in women clothes. When you go shopping with your sister, brother or parents or friends, you get another view and different views makes communication. Thus, it will bring you to a good conclusion and products.Fashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  8. Use perfumes: Using decent and soft smelling perfumes will feed in good fragrance the nose of person around you. Sweat smell is awful plus it may even disturb you. Carry one perfume. It is easy for women to carry things in purse but hard for men. You can carry it in your car or keep it in your two wheeler’s dickey.Fashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  9. Hair part: Your hairstyles must be well. Trend today is hairstyle that keeps hair broad and long on mid head and light on sides and back. This haircut needs a good hair dresser or barber. Short hair are out of date until they suit. Every other man (must) prefer keeping hair broad and a bit long – 2/3 inch down to ears.Fashion Tips For Men | Stay Update
  10. Get fit: If you are very thin or very fat, fashion is equal to no. Join a gym or consult your physician for your body build up. Chest muscles, hard calf muscle of leg, biceps, flat stomach( not necessary abs), looks stunning and charming. No one expects you to build up body like Salman Khan or Arnold, just get fit. If you are fit, showing those chest muscles through clothes will work like ice cream in milkshake.Fashion Tips For Men | Stay Update

Hacks to keep updated with latest fashion and its trend is important. Decency is the ultimate goal in fashion following world. Cheers!

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