Five tips for longer life


The human body is best useful when it is in good health, as health is wealth, and so, it is a sacrosanct human duty to protect your health, and in that aspect there are so many factors to consider in order to maintain good health. But first we must consider the basics:

1. Eating healthy can never be overemphasized

Eating healthy can never be overemphasized

Good food brings good life, so the importance of eating healthy cannot be over emphasized. Endeavour to eat fruits and vegetables, foods rich in whole grain, and generally maintain a balanced diet as this would also help you attain a healthy body weight. Of course maintaining such a diet would only boost your body’s immune system and help in your body’s fight against germs. Realistically it may not be easy, but you must try to avoid foods high in sugar, salt and calories, and try to avoid drinks high in alcohol, as failure to do this would only lead to failure of your organs.

2. Try exercising

Try exercising

It’s no news that the body needs to be exercised, so one must try to indulge in activities that raise your breath, your heart rate and generally strengthen your muscles for at least 3hrs a week. The advantages to exercising are numerous as they help maintain healthy body weight, reduce high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, cancer and pain, just to name a few.



3. Keep your hands clean

Keep your hands clean

It is often said that our hands are the carriers of our destiny, it should also be known that our hands are the greatest carriers of germs and diseases. So you must cultivate the habit of washing your hands always and sanitizing them as much as you can, this would not only bring you a greater destiny, but would also reduce exposure to germs and diseases.




4. Drink clean water always

Drink clean water always

Water is the greatest gift to humanity, it is not only refreshing and satisfying to the human body, it is also needed for the body to function effectively. Drinking water as often as possible, aids digestion helps your heart rate maintain its proper rhythm, and it generally cleanses your body system.





5. Don’t ignore sleep

Don’t ignore sleep

Many times, we are guilty of disregarding sleep and its importance. We often forget that the human body is not a machine, we therefore starve it of the quality sleep it deserves, due to one activity or the other. The human body cannot function properly without rest, and so, it needs about 7-9hrs of sleep daily. It is important to note that when you sleep, all your body organs that have been at work all day, go to rest, and are therefore energized to function properly again.


Frankly I know that these tips have been heard before, either by family a friend or your doctor, but the truth is they cannot be stressed enough. The human body is our most prized possession, and so we must learn to guard it and protect it, so as to help achieve a longer healthier life.

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