Five Tips to a happy relationship for women


It can be really tiresome constantly having one night stands, or having first dates that never really lead to anything. What’s also tiresome are those couples that look so perfect together, and you keep wondering when you are going to get there, well ladies here are some tips that can change that “not so perfect” and “it’s complicated” love life of yours.

1. Don’t look for Mr perfect

Don’t look for Mr perfect

It’s true that every girl wants to feel important and special, therefore every girl feels they deserve the perfect guy, well, there is no such thing as the perfect guy, don’t spend your time wishing to meet the perfect guy who is romantic enough to bring you flowers every day, or constantly listen to you wine about your day, he doesn’t have to be perfect right away, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it would definitely take some time to get him to where you want him to be.


2. Find what makes you click with him


looks are important(I know many girls would say an Amen to that)but there are not the most important, if you want the first date to lead to another, you have to find where you connect with him and capitalize on it to create a foundation. Remember, so long as you can spend a ridiculous amount of time with him without rolling your eyes, then he just might be the missing piece to your puzzle.



3. Don’t let him get too comfortable in his flaws

Don’t let him get too comfortable in his flaws

For any relationship to succeed, you have to admit your flaws to each other, but while at it don’t let your boyfriend get too comfortable in his, sometimes guys can have annoying habits, don’t continuously condole it, voice it out once in a while, so that you don’t have to suffer in silence, and besides it might actually get worse if you do.



4. Never underestimate yourself

Never underestimate yourself

don’t let any guy call you fat or skinny, tall or short, find what makes you strong and hold on to it, the sooner you discover your strength and hold on to it the better you would feel.





5. Don’t depend on any guy to make you happy


yes the perfect guy can change your life and make you happy, but don’t let your life revolve around him, don’t be afraid to do things you love on your own, like going to the movies, the parks and concerts, when you find a way to make yourself happy, the happiness he brings you will just be an icing on the cake.


So ladies, first thing to remember is to always look out for what connects you to your partner, try these tips and not only make your partner happy but most importantly make yourself happy and content in your relationship. 

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