Food Items To Keep You Cool & Healthy This Summer


This summer is so hot that barbeque can be done without fire 😛 . It becomes difficult to go out and work. All you want to do is stay back and be feel the A.C. But that’s not possible. Adults have work and kids have school, we can’t sit back leaving everything. So why not just eat?

Well, besides making us feel terribly hot and roasted, summers cause indigestion too. That’s such a sad news for the foodies. Relax, foodies always find the way! If summer makes it so hot for you, food will make it cool.

There are these coolest food items that you must have this summer!

1. Watermelons!
Summers are definitely incomplete without watermelons. Besides being tasty and refreshing, watermelons are hydrating which helps you fight the heat. It is always good to eat but during summers you get it at a cheaper rate and the fresh ones. You can have watermelon shake as a drink instead of a diet coke. It is healthier and tastier and cheaper. Moreover, it makes you feel less hot!


2. Aam Panna.
A very effective Indian juice made of mangoes. Aam panna during summers helps to soothe digestion, constipation and all kind of stomach problems. It is tasty too. You get it ready made from the market but it is too easy for that. Make it at home for better quality and effect.

3. Mint recipes.
Mint is cheap and easily available. Having it during summers help you provide the energy which the sun takes away from you. You can make it in different ways and add variety to your meal with the bonus of good health! You can add it to your regular curd and make pudina raita or just make pickles. You can even make a mint juice which lemon and some salt, it is really refreshing.Mint recipes

4. Yogurt / curd.
I guess you get curd easily and anytime without paying a lot. Curd can act as a good coolant during summers. You can make delicious recipes with it like butter milk or some desserts or just have it plain.

5. Coconut Water.
The most inexpensive, healthiest and handy drink with a lot of health benefits. It keeps the body hydrated as it is enriched with a lot of minerals and electrolytes. It can prevent you from fainting in the heat. Moreover, coconut water has this amazing quality to protect you from cancer and guess what? It is the best anti ageing treatment, better than lot cosmetics.Coconut Water

Many of you might not know but pluots are really very nutritious. They say healthy things don’t taste good, you should try these. Pluots have an amazing sweetness with a different flavour and taste. They are a rich source of Vitamin A and C and cholesterol free.

Another cheap but healthy one. Cucumbers are the most versatile food to keep you refreshed during summers. It has lots of fiber and can keep you from constipation. Also, it keeps you hydrated too. You feel really cool with every bite. Besides that, it had a lot of benefits for your beauty too.Cucumbers

Surprised? I never imagined onions could have cooling properties, but they do. Have it raw or in your curry, it is good and cool always. Onions can cure you and even prevent sunstrokes which are very common in this scorching heat. The red onions are quite healthy with their natural anti – allergen properties.Onions

9. Barley water.
Barley water helps you from a bad appetite and heat. Having barley water daily will keep your stomach healthy. It is rich in fiber, which helps in fighting constipation. If you can’t have it plain then you can add a tingle of lemon or honey in it for a better taste.

10.Tomatoes Tomatoes can go anytime with any meal and can be eaten raw too. Tomatoes are not just good for protecting you from heat but it also saves you from a lot of cardiovascular diseases. It has lots of nutrients like Vitamin A, C and K with very low calorie. You can make a lot of recipes from tomatoes like ketchups, pickles or simply salads.Tomatoes

This summer, have a good cooling instead of the ice creams and cold drinks that pleases your throat for seconds. Stay cool and eat fresh!

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