Funniest Beards Grown By Men


I, being a girl, will never be able to understand why are men so crazy about Beards Grown? I mean they spend months growing it and love like it’s a gem. In fact, I have seen people mourning their beards if somehow they had to shave. They will kill the guy at the parlour if he shaved it wrong. I can’t understand the beard love. I guess men would be able to define that.

But, to add some laugh and fun, I have found out some really crazy beard love among men. These men took their love for beard to a crazy level. It’s funny how they made weird shapes and designs in beards.

Let’s have a look at them!

  1. The bowl guy.
    Looks like this guy lacked in bowls. He made a bowl out of his beards. This is weird but definitely hilarious. I don’t know what he was thinking when he did this but it must have taken quite an effort to make it.Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update
  2. Packman.
    This guy must be a big lover of packman. He is crazy! He actually shaved his beard to make packman on his face. Wow! Dude, you look hilarious. No offence!Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update


  1. Smiley or hot dog or cactus?
    I seriously can’t decide what to name it, you decide. It looks funny the way he grew his beard. It is upward bended and looks like a cactus or hot dog that’s smiling LOL. You decide what would you call it, take a look ;)Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update


  1. Cup holder.
    Okay, so the bowl wasn’t enough? This guy actually grew his beard in a way that could hold around 5 cups. Why would he need it at all? I wonder if he drinks 5 cups at once. :-PFunniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update


  1. The star fish.
    He had some really hilarious plans. Nothing else but a star fish. Imagine a beard of star fish. This guy actually shaped his beard into one. I don’t have any idea how he did this but it is definitely funny. Have a look!Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update
  2. Christmas beard.
    This guy surely loves Christmas so much that he decided to celebrate it throughout the year. He grew his beard in such a way which could be decorated with Christmas bells. He ended up with a Christmas – beard – tree with jingle bells hanging on it.Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update


  1. Designer beards.
    Heard of designer dresses but beards? This guy makes different designs of beards. The person shaving must be really talented to invent such brilliant yet funny designs of beards LOL. He has some hearts and swords too. See below.Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update


  1. Spider beard.
    Spider man fan level – crazy beard! I don’t know if he is a spider man fan or he just wanted to do something crazy. He grew really long beards and then shaped it like a spider. Looks scary but somehow funny too.Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update
  2. Hair + Beard.
    Brace yourselves because this is really hilarious. I don’t know what to call it. He turned total bald with a strip of hair which went down to his chin and connected his beard. I am speechless after seeing this!Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update
  3. The Bow Beard.
    You think pretty and cute bows are just for women’s hair? No way! He grew a bow in his beard. We do hairstyle, he does beard style. So basically he proved that bows are not just for clothes or hair but beards too.Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update
  4. Stairs!
    I could still understand the other designs but this? Totally out of the blue. This man moulded his beard into stairs. Did his lips try to step down the stair of beards? Crazy!Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update


  1. Long but not so long beard.
    I think he was upset because he couldn’t grow a long beard so found a really funny short cut. He shaved his chest hair and connected it to his beard. Not his beard is so long that it reaches his chest and makes circles around his nipples LOL. :DFunniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update
  2. Insect or beard?
    And again, I can’t decide what it is. It looks like a snail or I can’t figure out. Take a look at his really impressive beards which makes no sense. I don’t know why he grew it this way but it is funny for sure.Funniest Beards Grown By Men | Stay Update

I hope you had good laugh and guys, which one are you growing? 😉

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