Funny Facts About Women


Women are beyond one’s understanding level, they say. But did anyone ever try to understand them? They are one of the most beautiful creations of God. Women beautifully and strongly play their different roles. They are the reason why caring is so important today.

Not getting too emotional about how great women are, I’d point out some hilarious facts about women that many of you don’t know. Have fun reading.

  1. Lipstick Eaters – These pretty make-up lovers with hot red lipstick must have eaten them. It is said that a woman eats about 2-3 kilos of lipstick during her entire lifetime. So ladies, keep some space for the delicacies.


  1. The word ‘Girl’ was used for both men & women – What? Seriously? Well, yes seriously. Earlier the word ‘girl’ was used to refer to the young person of both sex, be it a male or female. However, in the beginning of the 16th century, people started referring this word to female child only. Imagine addressing your guy as, “Hey, Girl” LOL!


  1. Checking their reflection – Totally true! Women don’t leave a single shiny surface, not even a bald man’s head LOL. It is said that women check out their reflection on anything shiny. Whether it is a glass window, spoon, plate or shadow; she will check her reflection and make sure she looks good. She would do this even when she is at home in her pyjamas.


  1. Spends hours admiring her reflection – Like I told above, she doesn’t leave a single place, she spends hours admiring herself. It is said that an average woman would spend 120 hours in a year checking and admiring her reflection in the mirror. You know what that means? Five entire days in a year is spent just on admiring one’s own reflection. Only girls can do this.


  1. The after-bath head turban – It is mandatory that every woman will make a turban with her towel after taking bath, even if she doesn’t wash her hair. She will do this at least for a minute but no one has ever understood the logic behind this custom.


  1. A must have handbag – Every woman who goes out will carry a handbag even if she has nothing to carry. She will take a handbag wherever she goes. If she doesn’t have it, she will feel awkward and uncomfortable all the time.


  1. Unanswerable questions – She will ask numerous stupid questions which either has no answer or no correct answer. She will know that fact that her questions don’t have a sensible answer but she will still ask. Don’t try to be intelligent, because even of you somehow manage to answer, she will never agree and make you feel guilty. Crazy she is.


  1. Loves to bargain – Just like every woman loves shopping, she loves to bargain as well. It is kinda instilled in their system. Even if they get something at the cheapest rate, they will still bargain. Funny thing is that she might see something which she already has, but if the seller sells it at lower price she will definitely buy it and consider it saving. LOL


  1. Bad Boy’s girl – It is said that no matter how much she dreams of her prince charming, she ends up falling for the bad boy. Amusingly, she finds her guy perfect even if he is full of flaws. However, she eventually gets settled with the right guy. Learning from mistakes maybe.


  1. Clever stalkers – Just like men, women too stalk. They also check out on smart and handsome guys but the difference in their stalking is that they know better how to hide it. She might have her eyes on you and you will not get the slightest of hint. Clever stalker, you see.


  1. Packs more than needed – When a woman has to go out on a trip she will pack more than what is needed. Suppose if she has a 6 days trip, she will pack at least 18 clothes. No, she doesn’t do this because she keeps changing. She takes so many outfits because she is unsure of her own mood swings. She doesn’t know what she will feel like wearing the next day so she better be equipped.


Dear women, with all our love, we don’t intend to hurt your emotions. You are beautiful in every little thing you do and the ways you behave. Don’t let anyone change your mind about how perfect you are.

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