Getting the Maximum out of Google AdSense: Strategy Classification


No longer are sites being used for publishing content or offering services, with the conception of AdSense, they’re an optimum source of revenue via ads. With an entirely new ambition, sites now engage in different approaches to fully utilize AdSense. Following are some ways to optimize AdSense to the fullest:

1. Traffic Generation: Adsense Ads generate revenue with respect to two factors, CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost per thousand impressions), therefore, the revenue earned is proportional to the traffic your site draws. The better your site, the better the revenue earned. As you continue working, you will learn various methods to employ for maximizing your CPC and CMC, thereby resulting in the best revenue. These methodologies come under the category of Traffic Generation.

2. Converting traffic to Clicks: The easiest way of increasing revenue earned from AdSense is by ensuring maximum CPM. Designing your site and respective ads such that it prompts the visitor to click on the AdSense ads will maximize the revenue you draw from AdSense. What would encourage the visitors to click on your site’s ads, is a good copy, since the former would make the visitors more convinced to interact with the ads displayed. Along with this, several other methods are employed by webmasters to ensure the visitors click the ads and increase the revenue earned. These come under the ‘Converting traffic to Clicks’ section.

3. Attracting High-Value AdSense Ads: Along with traffic, the other key element that decides AdSense revenue for your site is the quality of Ads displayed. Some ads draw more revenue than others upon click or view. This is determined using the Adwords system. The primary goal of some webmasters is maintaining websites solely for AdSense revenue. This is done by picking ads that have high value, quality content and also additionally draw visitor clicks. All the mentioned methodologies come under “Attracting High-Value AdSense Ads” category.

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