Girl’s Biggest Turn Offs On a Date


There are certain rules of dating women and also men. The perks of dating every lady/men are different as compared to each other. Rules that they would like to implement are closely related, though. Once you are on a date with someone, etiquettes are to be followed. It doesn’t matter once you are in relationship, but first date is your first impression, thus manners will do a lot. Etiquettes like table manners, body language, speaking tone and pitch, appearance, approaching style to everything, and your expressions are important to look forward to. Not to deny with the fact that women ought to expect more manners from men than men do from women. You went on a date and she went off without uttering a single word or she left angry, bro you messed up and you turned her off. Next time when you do on a date make sure you read this before

1. You wear a bad shoe pair: Did you know that whenever a new person meets you, he first looks at your shoes or whatever you have on your legs. You better watch on what shoes you will be wearing while you are with her. She doesn’t want you to buy a new pair but at least clean and polished one. Men usually do not put an effort in shoe choices but, women are judgmental on your shoe type mostly.bad shoe pair

2. Your appearance is not decent: No lady wants you to wear colorful, glossy, funky or mismatching clothes. Decency is observed in simple and nice clothes. Eyes to simple colors react in smooth way which is pleasant while colorful clothes seem disturbing and shitty. Stay up to date with fashion blogs to know new trends. Old fashioned people seem bore and straight without fun and activeness. What you may think is cool will turn out to be fool.Your appearance is not decent

3. You interrupt when she is talking: If I were in the place of your date, I would punch you in the face if you had interrupted me again and again. No one likes your barge in when they are trying to talk. You don’t even let her complete the sentences and cut in between. Anger grows due to this and she will stop talking itself. Let her finish and then you start your thoughts out.You interrupt when she is talking

4. You are rude: When you don’t like her opinion, you start yelling or expressing total disagreement with her concepts. There is always a way of expressing opposite opinion which defines your maturity and how you approach towards people, especially women. Not only to her, but also when you travel places with her, you be rude to low standard people or waiters or other service workers. This is not done. She will hate you for discrimination. Every person is in his profession for stomach needs. You have no right to disrespect anyone, not even when you are with friends or alone. Plus you have to be sweet with street animals :3 .

5. Checking other girls out: Hahaha! Dude, at least shut it when a lady is right in front of you or with you. 😀 She doesn’t expect you to wear horse fly mask or cover tack on your eyes but, you shouldn’t make her feel ‘Ya failed to impress me so Ima checkin other chicks outta.’ She wants you to concentrate on her for that much of time. If you are getting bore then tell her politely. If you get bore easily, try to set dates of less times (O’course, 1 hour is still less, dude).Checking other girls out

6. Body odor: Your body has odor, but it becomes difficult to even breath when it is bad. Perfume companies are not mad to keep going. They want your dates to be perfect, so just pick ‘em up. Body fragrance must never be over perfumed or ill sweated; both are unbearable. Deos, perfumes, scents of sweet odor will do. Even if you use Axe or other men perfumes, make sure that you use it up to a limit. Some girls have a headache or she starts sneezing with over smell of your perfume. So, take care.

7. You can’t leave without smoking Fag: You are habituated to it, ask her to excuse you for 2 minutes and then you can go to smoking zone. Women who don’t like fags aren’t old fashioned or small in brain but do literally hate it. Better ask her or please control your urge for least 4 to 5 hours when around with her.

8. You adjust your junk: Okay, we understand the plumb, but you doing that 10 times is gross, totally. Some women may understand it every time but some don’t. It’s a different part when you are in relationship but for now, at start, don’t do it, least not in public. Though, there are certain ways of you doing it. You can let her walk little ahead and slow to adjust it. A smart lady will understand or if she isn’t you can say you were looking around. Exceptions are those who really like you doing that, though.adjust your junk

9. Nerdy behavior: You are a nerd but are now into dating and relationships. I know it is hard to change this fast but try to behave normal. You don’t have to correct her grammar every other sentence. Men usually are not grammar Nazis but, if you are one, hold it till 3rd or 4th Also, some nerds try to teach her table manners or elsewhere manners which shows that you are tip to top guy and never going to be ‘fun around person’.

10. You keep using your phone: Phone connects two people together but on the other hand can prove enemy. She is talking or trying to have conversation at, but there you are with phone and your groups. You are on a date because you are assumed to spend quality of time with her and the quantity. Don’t ignore her and if you do 24 hours will still be less to her.keep using your phone

No human would ask you to learn and follow the laws of 4000 pages rules’ book; least etiquettes are hoped that won’t embarrass her.

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