Google Adsense: Don’ts for Using the Google Adsense Program


Google AdSense offers a go at making some money, without breaking a sweat! Employed by various sites, AdSense is one of their major source of revenue. Albeit, following the rules is absolutely essential, as Google values the seriousness of this program. Behaving contrary to which will result in permanent termination of your AdSense account. Below mentioned are some rule you ought to avoid doing:

Absolutely refrain from clicking your own ads. Google is totally against this.

Likewise, involving friends and family for ad clicks is not advisable. The better way of going about would be to refer them the AdSense program.

The AdSense program is not essentially for profits. So joining the program in a quest for money would be foolhardy. It will take time till a steady flow of money is invoked on your site.

Confusion is common when working with AdSense sometimes, don’t let it demotivate you. Though user- friendly, certain aspects of AdSense will be taxing and time-consuming. Grow as you learn it, slowly and enjoyably.

These few tips must be of use, making the program easier to learn and use, along with helping you prevent actions that might cost you time and money.

Make sure you avoid them while handling adsense in order to prevent getting blocked.

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