Here’s Why Having A Pet Dog Is Awesome


Dogs are the cutest and best thing that can ever happen to us, trust me. Not that I’m a crazy-for-dog person, but I find them adorable. They are the only ones to be with you every single moment, be it of joy or sorrow. They’re the strongest and most reliable guardian one could have. A dog is a man’s real best friends. You might think there’s no big deal about an animal but has anyone ever waited at the door for you when you come home from work? Has anyone ever just stared at you like you’re their world? I think now because a human can barely provide such selfless affection. A dog dedicates his life to his owner.

You will surely not have a second thought once you’ve read below, the reasons why dogs are awesome.

  1. They are always excited to see you.
    I am telling you, no one will ever be so excited to see you coming home like they are. Even when they see you every day, they must have seen you in the morning itself. But when you come home after work, school or college they will rush towards you and jump into. Their welcome is heart warming.


  1. Their simple goal – bark at my master’s foes.
    LOL this might sound funny but that’s one of their top most life goals. They will bark at every stranger. They will not let any harm touch you. Their only goal is to keep you safe. You see how caring they are?

Their simple goal – bark at my master’s foes


  1. They keep you happy and away from cardiovascular diseases.
    Their cute face and adorable mischief will always keep you smiling and happy. When you’re tired, depressed or tensed, just spend time with them. Even studies have proved that people with pet dogs have only 6 percent mortality rate while the others were at 28 percent. People with dogs recover more quickly from illness. Happiness can do a lot.


  1. They will be always be there to comfort you in bad days.
    Starting from jumping on you till pulling and pushing you, they will not rest until you play with them. Even when you had a bad day they will make sure you play with them and go out for a walk and do all the daily routine. Keeping you cheerful always.


  1. You will never be late.
    Your dog knows your daily routine, even the timings. They’re the best alarm. They will wake you up when you sleep too long and make sure you don’t miss the day. Bonus?

You will never be late


  1. They are smart and alert.
    They will sense every possible danger and save you. They are alert. They understand what you tell them and even learn some of your works to give you a helping hand. Doesn’t he bring you your newspaper? 😉


  1. Your companion at the dining table.
    You never want to eat alone, no one does. But when you come late at night or have to leave home early in the morning, you have to eat alone. But if you are a dog owner, then your dog will definitely not let that happen. Always ready to accompany you.

Your companion at the dining table


  1. They’re meant to stay.
    No matter how you treat them or what you do, they will always love you and care for you. They are never going to leave you. People might come and go but your dog is your constant and will be there always.


  1. They are adaptable to any condition.
    By any condition I don’t mean taking them to the Polar Regions. What I mean is that they adapt to our living situations. They are not made for living in apartments and houses like us but they adjust pretty well. You can even take them travelling, they make great companion.


  1. They’re more possessive than lovers!
    They will make it obvious in front of every single person that they are your main and most loved pet. They will be in action if they even get a hint of losing their owner. These cute attention seekers are always in a mood to cuddle and not leave you even for a second. Follows you like a shadow, throughout. And not forgetting the cute face they make after their mischief.

They’re more possessive than lovers


You still waiting? Go get a dog if you don’t have one and if you do then hug them quick. Never forget that you’re their world, love them.

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