How much do you love your mother


Happy Mother’s Day

Today, 8th May, 2016, the world is celebrating mother’s day in honor of all mothers to express gratitude. Like every year, mother’s day is celebrated with moms to make them feel special and to appreciate them for their care and love. You take her to parks, gift her something that she wanted from dad, and kiss her a thanksgiving. Only for that one day? What about remaining 364 days? Do you even ask her if she eats well and has good night’s sleep, every day?  Have you gone to her and thanked her personally for the compromises she made for you until now? Ever listened to her, otherwise? Why ‘mommy’ on mother’s day and ‘mother’ on regular days?


Mother’s day comes and everyone starts posting their picture with mother on social sites. You show friends about how much you love her and respect her. Has your facebook profile got a picture of her rather than mother’s day? I am pretty sure there must be photos of you and your partner after every random photo. Pretty cool, there are exceptions, but very rarely found.

Even though, you have not got any time out of your schedule, you have a day in the year, nevertheless. It is called mother’s day. She expects you to at least join her on that one day. She wants to spend abundance of time with her child until her heart flushes out of joys of happiness.


Schools and colleges arrange a special classroom to welcome mothers, the idea of being that children will know importance of having a mother. Also participating with the competitions in; they want the child and mother to unite together to win.

Did you forget this day being celebrated in your childhood times? Pick your bum up and go. Bring in the warmth when you go to join her and not the formalities. The moisture to your hugs will melt her and fill her heart with happiness.

Blessed are those who have a mother. What about the ones who stay in orphanage? More they know the significance of mother and father rather than a child who actually has them.

A child of a mother
Will never be fallen
There he will grow higher and higher
Ground never has he seen.

A child of a mother
Will never cry
There he will be taken to her heart nearer
Alone never he is kept to dry

A child of a mother
Will never go away
There he will be remainder
Home builder in her memories always

A child of a mother
Will never die
There he will be her flower
Grave never out of her reach will lie

Today’s life is full of rush and out of fond of love. It is difficult to make time for your loved once but not impossible. It must be one of the schedules to make time for your loved ones. It’s all about priorities. The person who gave you birth is worth it; at least she is, giving an amount of time and love. You never know how much dreams she had and what it took her from your first day of her 9 months till you grow up to be an adult. When she first time saw you, you remained in her heart forever. It is said that, ‘Until we have something or someone we never appreciate them or it, but once it fades away, we know its value.’ Before knowing the value afterwards, it’s time for you to appreciate her.


Rush to your mom
Before it’s too late
For that it’s been long
Since your together last chocolate

Value your mom
Before it’s too late
For that it’s been long
Since you started valuing your mate

Kiss your mom
Before it’s late
For that it’s been long
Since you don’t owe her hate

No gadgets, no technology and yet that smile on her face; because money can’t buy happiness.

The most beautiful woman on this earth is your best friend; your mother who is with you until her last breath even if your partner won’t be there. You owe her, at least this one day.

A note to her: ‘If I had some other lady as a mother, I would punch her and go find you. Love, Dear Mom.’

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