How To Accept Myself For Who I Am?


We all differ from each other; everyone have different qualities, opinions, personality etc. Accept yourself for what you are because very less people can do and that is something great one can do. Look at your mistakes as learning tools and use them to make yourself stronger and wiser. At the same time, also care about what others tell you. Try improving yourself accordingly, but don’t change yourself totally. There’s no one like you in the world, remember you’re unique. If you really want to accept yourself, then you must first learn how to change everything that can be changed and accept which cannot be changed.

Here are some ways to accept yourself (Accept Myself) –

Recognize your strengths and attributes.
Acknowledging your strengths or attributes, you value, in order to help give balance to the work you will do on accepting the parts of yourself that are less valued. Additionally, realizing your strengths may help you change your conceptualizations about yourself.

Recognize how you judge yourself.

Recognizing your own judgement is important in helping you identify areas where you are overly critical of yourself. These might include disappointment or shame, and these feelings can squash self-acceptance.

Challenge your inner critic.

When you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about yourself, challenge and quite this inner critic. Be prepared for the positive counter- thought or mantra.

Focus on self-acceptance first before self – improvement. Self- acceptance is just accept yourself what you are in present. Self-improvement focuses on the changes you want to make to accept yourself in future.

Surround yourself with lovely people.

If you spend more time with the people who negate your self-worth, you may have hard time accepting yourself. Spend time with the people who love you support you. These people will give you the boost you need to accept yourself for who you are.How To Accept Myself For Who I Am - with lovely people

Recognize how other people’s comments affect you.
When other people make comments on us, we often internalize these comments and work them into our opinions about ourselves. If you figure out the root of your self-judgements, you can start to rethink how you perceive yourself.

Forgive yourself.

Self- forgiveness help you to reduce feelings of guilt from your past, which may be preventing you from fully accepting your present. You may be judging your past based on unrealistic expectations. Forgiving yourself lift your shame.How To Accept Myself For Who I Am - with lovely people

Be Gentle and kind and patient.

Be gentle and kind with yourself. Be patient with yourself as you learn new ways of thinking. Treat yourself as you would treat anyone you really love. Criticism breaks down your inner spirit. Praise builds it up. Praise yourself as much as you can.

Perform charitable acts.

When you sacrificially give to others, you see your deeds are a positive influence on others life. It helps you to think that your are good when you see how your deeds help other peoples.


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Self- love.

Many of us dismiss self-love as cheesy or just not that important. Self-love is essential to living your best life, because self-love gives you the courage to believe in yourself. Self- love radically increases your daily joy and happiness level, because it’s hard to feel good when you are living with negative self- talk.How To Accept Myself For Who I Am - with lovely people

Accept Myself, Accept Myself, Accept Myself

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