How To Do The Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge?

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The Kyle Jenner lip challenge had been trending way too much few days back. People were going crazy about it and doing crazier stuff for getting such fuller lips like Kyle Jenner! In this craze, many people also went out of their minds and went to the extent of harming their lips! Like c’mon that’s just make-up, dude!

Some girls anyway envy her lips and wish to have them. No worries, I’ve got some safer ways to do this lip challenge in the best possible ways! But before that, let us know more about this trending lip challenge


What is this Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge?

When Kyle Jenner flooded her social media accounts with her smexy lips photos, girls went crazy about her. People say that she must have undergone some lip surgery to get such fuller and sexy lips. However, Kyle denied of having undergone any surgery and claimed her lips to be natural.

But our crazy teens refused to accept that and started trying different ways of getting lips like hers without going through any surgery. One of the most popular ways was putting a shot glass or bottle on your lips and sucking it to get swollen lips.How To Do The Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge

This trick got trending and became the Kyle Jenner lip challenge, just like another stupid ice bucket challenge and people started putting up photos doing this.


Consequences of this challenge?

As a consequence of this craze, people started getting harmed and sick. After placing the glass on their lips, girls started sucking it which created friction and give swollen lips. Basically, they didn’t get fuller but swollen lips. Also, many cases showed that the glass or bottle broke in the process causing serious injuries. Many of the even suffered from blood clotting and pain. Doctors have strictly warned not to try this thing.

Check these terrible cases when girls (read: girls and guys) tried the challenge.

How To Do The Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge

How To Do The Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge

Are these enough to make you believe that you shouldn’t try this challenge? Because this won’t give you sexy lips. It’ll fetch you enough pain to never try looking good again.


What’s the best and safest way to try this Kyle Jenner lip challenge?

Many fashion queens and beauticians have experimented with their make up kit and come with the safest ways to get fuller lips without trying the sucking-glass thing.

  1. The DIY Lip Balm – Colleen Kratofil tried some natural and DIY stuff to plump up her lips. She made a DIY lip balm using two parts brown sugar, one part each olive oil, raw honey and ground cinnamon.

As she applied the mixture, she felt her dead skin melting away due to the brown sugar, which gave her smoother lips. Though there wasn’t a drastic change, she felt her lips to be fuller that before.

  1. Lipstick and Liner trick – Many women don’t use liner but using liner can help you make your lips look bigger and fuller. So, you don’t really make fuller lips but you can fake it when you’re going out and look hot. The first thing to do is line your lip using the same coloured lip liner as that of the lipstick you’re gonna use. Next is, segment your lips in three parts and start applying lipstick.

Remember that you apply lipstick vertically and not horizontally as it will create a 3D effect, making your lips look fuller and bigger!How To Do The Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge

So now that you know all the consequences and dangers, we recommend you to not try this dangerous sucking-bottle lip challenge. Instead, try these two simple tricks and get fuller sexy lips.

If you know more such ways, do mention in the comments! Till then, keep pouting 😉


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