Your skin deserves “tender love and care”, TLC. When you care for your skin, you look and feel even better, after all looking good is feeling good.
Here are a few skin care tips to help you give your skin the glow it deserves

1. Stop Picking Zits

Stop Picking Zits

This causes scarring and discoloration, plus it can lead to inflammation and a prolonged healing time. However, if the pimple or blackhead is serious, visit a dermatologist.

2. Learn To Take Off Makeup Before Bed

Learn To Take Off Makeup Before Bed

Taking off makeup before going to bed allows the skin breathe while you sleep at night. No matter how tired you are, you should never sleep with makeup on.

3. Avoid Constantly Over-Exfoliating

Avoid Constantly Over-Exfoliating

Scrubs and sonic brushes are helpful, but they can be too harsh on normal skin. According to research, over exfoliating can lead to chronic redness and irritation. This is especially important for women over 40. Using Salicylic acids, glycolic acids, sonic cleansing systems are great for the skin but they should not be used together , as they might actually dry out the skin.

4. A tan may not always be healthy

A tan may not always be healthy

Although tanning is critical for keeping your skin young and supple, one should not rely on the fact that a tan is safe as a tan is also the skin’s sign that it has been damaged.

5. Using the wrong shower gel

Many times, we get carried away with the need to fight bacteria on our skin, ad so we drown ourselves in all sorts of antibacterial shower gel. It should be noted that your skin has good bacteria that protects you. Antibacterial shower gels lead to dry, irritated and rashy skin. While it is a great idea to have a clean skin, it is not realistic to have a s sterile skin. Instead opt for a gentle body-wash to help wash away dirt on the skin without drying the skin.readMore

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