How to get better results from your ads:


Google AdSense and the income generated from it are completely synced with your skills. Below mentioned are some tips that will come in handy for making the best out of your AdSense ads:


  1. Use channels: Employing channels will help in performing a better analysis of your ads and how they’re functioning. Channels can also be used to check the status of your websites, one performing well and ones that aren’t generating enough revenue. Not only site info, you can employ custom channels for analyzing many other aspects of your site. This in-depth analysis will help you manage your site ads, make amends and at the end of the day get better results.


  1. Ad customization and positioning: To make ads well presentable, it is key to manage the shape, size and color of the ads, thereby customizing them and ensuring perfect placement. The choice is yours, to either make the ad the highlight of the page or to blend it in rest of the website’s content. Along with this, you can also figure out the optimal spots on the site for placement of ads. One of the best way for earning clicks on ads is through right placement and ad positioning.


  1. Content quality: Quality content will overcome most of the site’s flaws, if not all. Housing good content on your site along with periodic updates will help attract good traffic to your website.  More traffic will in turn lead to more clicks.


  1. Use AdSense Ads on all pages: It’s crucial to uniformly include AdSense ads on all pages of the site. More so than less, visitors will enter your site through a number of other pages, so it is best to have ads on all pages to maximize monetary prospects.

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