Pokemon go is the most popular mobile game where Nintendo and Niantic labs have associated to enable you to catch Pokémon in the very world we live in. The game uses the player’s mobile device’s GPS ability to locate, capture and battle Pokémons which appear on the player’s screen as if they are at the same real -world  location as the player. It is a very interesting game, as it will enable you to capture Pokémon in the real world. If you have not played this game, try this, it will give you incredible fun.

Here are the basic stuff you need to know before you begin playing!

1. Open the Pokemon go app and check the sidebar. If the Pokémons are nearby, you will see a grey sidebar on the bottom right corner of your screen that displays the silhouettes of the Pokémon near you.

2. Search for rustling grass. On your screen, look for a set of leaves moving around the distance. When you see some, you are receiving indication that there may be a Pokemon there.

3. Walk to the rustling grass on the map. When you reach the spot, a Pokémon may appear on your screen.

4. When you get close enough to the Pokémon tap on it to enter the game’s “capture” mode and then its battle time.

5. Check the Pokémon’s CP level. Pokémon CP level or Combat points are shown on the head of the Pokémon, which denote their strength. It is easy to capture Pokémon of low CP levels than Pokémon with high level.

6. Use the right type of Poké balls. There are different Poké balls to capture different types of Pokémon and they all have different levels of effectiveness. Poke ball is the most basic kind of ball to use. It is also the kind of pokeball that you receive as you start the game. You can stock up on poke balls at the poke stop.

7. Wait for the right moment. Look for the ring that will become a circle where the Pokémon is standing. It will be green, red, or orange depending upon how difficult it is to capture the Pokémon or CP level. It will also change in size. When this ring is at its smallest, the Pokémon is vulnerable and your chances to capturing it are highest.

8. Swipe the poke ball towards the Pokémon to capture it when you are ready throw the poke ball at the Pokémon. If you miss it or the Pokémon bursts out of the poke ball, you can try until it flees. If it runs away, return to your map and move on to your next attempt at finding and capturing another Pokémon.

9. Improve your throwing techniques. The most important factor that affects your ability to successfully capture a Pokémon is the technique you use to throw the poke ball at it. To throw the pokeball, simply use your finger to flick the pokeball towards the Pokémon on the screen. To improve your throws be sure to get your right angle. If you throw the pokeball too far to the left or right, you’ll miss the Pokémon.

Use your force properly. A slower, shorter flick will cause you to throw the ball with less force. A quick and faster flick will cause the ball to fly faster. So use the right amount of force.

Well, these were the basics and are enough to help you begin the game. For becoming a pro pokemon go player and knowing more tips and tricks, stay in touch!

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