Interesting Psychological Facts

interesting psychological facts

Mind is the only thing which is sometimes easiest and sometimes most difficult to understand. You’re hungry but you don’t want to eat, happened? Courtesy of the mind that makes us do crazy stuff. However, there are certain things common with every mind. Particular behaviours and reactions are common to all brains. Let’s find out some amazing psychological facts.

  1. People only remember when you say NO.
    You think that you have terrible fate since people don’t remember the good things you do. Well, you can blame psychology for this. It is said the no matter how many things you do for someone, they will remember the one thing you did not do. Sad!
  1. Psychology says, “Sing in the shower.”
    As per psychology, if a person sings in the shower every day then their immunity gets boosted, blood pressure is maintained, stress is reduced and also mood becomes great. So it helps so much and also giving you the pleasure of singing!
  1. A strong person gets hurt too.
    When someone is very strong it doesn’t mean they are God. Strong means the capability to tolerate. If someone is strong, they get hurt too but strong people don’t let the hurt defeat themselves or take control of them.
  1. What meditation does?
    As per psychology, meditation is really healthy for our brains. Regular meditation helps to improve learning ability and enhances one’s memory retention. Everyone complains about memory problems. So you must start meditating soon.
  1. Hugs and cuddles are healthy!
    Good news! Psychology says that physical touches make a person healthier. According to some studies and researches, it has been concluded that massages, cuddles, hugs and holding hands can reduce stress and improve the immune system. So now that this lovey dovey closeness is healthy, don’t miss a chance!
  1. Women use their brains more than men!
    All those who complain and keep telling that women are dumb, here’s an answer for you. Women do have smaller brains than men, but they use their brain efficiently. What’s the use of gold if you never wore it? Similarly, what’s the use of a bigger brain if you never used it? So you see who’s smarter now?
  1. You can’t be mad at the person you love.
    True that. No matter what they do or how much they annoy you, you just can’t stay mad at the person you love. As per psychology, it is impossible to remain angry at someone you love truly. That is why mom always cares for you even when you irritate and annoy her like crazy. Also, it is said that if your anger at someone lasts for more than 3 days, it indicates that you’re not in true love with that person.
  1. Who needs counselling when there are games!
    As per studies, it was shown that video games can help better to fight depression than counselling does. Of course, nothing can give the pleasure like winning a game does. So next time don’t spend on counselling, just download a bunch of games and sit with pizza. Total Bliss!
  1. Friends are important.
    Friends play a very important role in our life. Without friends, it is not possible to survive. Those who claim to be alone and happy are liars! As per studies, it was shown that not having friends has the same risk on health as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day has. So do not give up on your friends. Hug them and thank them for saving your lives.
  1. Chocolates and kissing keeps a happy mood.
    Who needs medicines when there are kisses, chocolates and bananas? It has been said, as per studies, that chewing gums, eating chocolates and bananas and kissing help to improve one’s mood and makes them feel relaxed. You do not need therapies, just a bundle of chocolates and a couple of kisses with the person you love. Sounds fantastic!
  1. Early at everything, girls!
    When they girls gain maturity before boys, they don’t lie. Even psychology says that girls learn to talk, use sentences and read earlier and quicker than boys!
  1. Love can read beyond the smile.
    While everyone believes on the smile and thinks you’re happy, the person who truly loves you can see through those eyes. That’s love.

You know enough of interesting psychological facts for today. More to come but some other day!

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