It is right time to let go now :)


Are you in dilemma? You have been in relationship, but it isn’t working? You tried your best to sort out, but problems won’t end?It is right time to let go now 🙂 | Stay Update

It’s okay, buddy. This happens with not only you but also with me, them, and everyone who have been in relationships. It is hard to decide whether to keep fighting for it or to just leave everything and run away. Your friends try to support you. Your family (if they know about your relationship) tries to stay with you for longer period. Everything is good going, but there is something wrong. That wrong is your relationship. Yes, your relationship. One sided relationships never work. You struggle to maintain the warmth but the other partner is firm to detach. Here are considerable reasons to end your relationship on time:

  1. Nothing is same: All the very first moments of your relationship world were special, but when you try to simply live them again, it is not the same. How you use to roam together, kiss underneath, have same cup of coffee, share laughs, watched movies, pet puppies, had each other’s shoulder, is nothing the alike now. Your adrenaline doesn’t wake up when you see them, now, even after long time. Your friends tease you with their name, but the fun is not identical. You don’t go on parties with same excitement, anymore. Bae, it’s time to let go. JIt is right time to let go now 🙂 | Stay Update
  2. They keep giving reasons: Whenever you plan something with them, they deny you with some or the other reason. Those reasons could be small, doesn’t matter. It is all about priorities. They first fought for, to spend time with you but now are ignoring you. You see them posting on social media about their weekends with friends and colleagues, but never told to you about it. They know you are watching it. Bae, it’s time to let go. JIt is right time to let go now 🙂 | Stay Update
  3. Taking for granted: They start taking you for granted. They grant you for that even if they don’t spend much time with you, you will understand and all will run smooth again. They won’t talk to you for days. Won’t try to contact you anywhere. They show that they are happy without you. Even if you are angry, they don’t try to convince you knowing that you will go back to normal, anyway. They fight for their space and career. They change their priority from you first to you last, now. Bae, it’s time to let go.It is right time to let go now 🙂 | Stay Update
  4. They keep you hanging: They neither let you be on either side. Neither they leave you nor do they let you to leave them. How many times this happen? This is nothing but a warning for you. This is because they have someone else in life or, maybe, their prime concern is something else which is more important than you. They ask to wait for a while and explain you that it is worth waiting, but, trust me, they are hanging you in for that they get time to decide pros and cons of this relationship. It is good to note pros and cons, but what if cons are more and are appreciated? They will breakup or cheat on you soon. Bae, it’s time to let go. JIt is right time to let go now 🙂 | Stay Update
  5. Depression heads up: No relationships are meant to give any partner depression. Feeling low, eating less, headaches, no laughs, family fights with no reasons, etc. are nothing but the signs of your depression. Your friends tell you that you seem quite and humble and they miss the previous you. You, even though, try to find something positive to stay in, but that doesn’t work. Depression is slow poison to you. You will mentally become ill someday if this continues. They don’t care about this you then why do have to care about they caring for you. Bae, it’s time to let go. JIt is right time to let go now 🙂 | Stay Update
  6. Trust breaks: They find reasons to doubt you. They keep checking your social accounts, but never talk of physically asking you face to face. Even if your best friend calls, they doubt you. Now that trust is fading, they don’t roam around with you to long distances. Bae, it’s time to let go. JIt is right time to let go now 🙂 | Stay Update

You might always try to find some reason to stay (sometimes, even one is enough), but know that it won’t work out, anyway. It is said that one should have faith in time and god and stay positive, but there are limits to everything. Leaving them may hurt you for days or months but at least not for life.. It is. Now, it is time to let go and live healthy and happy again.

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