Lesser Known Facts in The World


There are facts and truths that have been stored or those remained in some corner of the place but never really the world know about it. People get influenced and learn from sources; what sources tell them they grasp it. It is not possible to place every event or fact to the world every time. Thus, how much intense it may be, it will never come in front of people. Here are some unknown or lesser known facts about the world’s events, things and areas that are on some of the books and websites which never came up:

  • 9/11 World Trade Centre: We all know the attack that happened on world trade centre towers leading people to injure and die terribly. But, there are other things that actually happened on this day.

Famous births:

Franz Beckenbauer – Legendary German and European footballer
Bashar Al-Assad – 21st President of Syria, famous for current Syrian revolt
Richard Ashcroft – English singer-songwriter
Ludacris – Famous American rapper, producer, and actor

Famous deaths:
Jan Smuts – 4th Prime Minister of South Africa
Collett E. Woolman – Co-founder of Delta Airlines
Janet Parker – Englishwoman, last person to die from smallpox
Christopher Stevens – US Diplomat, 10th Ambassador to LibyaLesser known facts in the world-1

  • Aim was to drop ‘Fat Man’ on Kokura, Japan:
    ‘Fat Man’was the code name for that atomic bomb that US dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on 9th August, 1945. The B-29 bomber killed approximately 40,000 people.
    When Enola Gay B-29 bomber dropped ‘little boy’ bomb on Hiroshima, the second target was Kokura, Japan.
    When on 9th August, Bocksar was about to target Kokura, he faced clouds and smoke and was unable to target Kokura. He then moved to plan B and dropped it on Nagasaki. It is said that Kokura is the lucky city.Lesser known facts in the world-2
  • Why ‘Mayday’ in emergency:
    Have you seen the movie Gravity of Sandra Bullock and George Clonney? She calls in ‘Mayday Mayday Mayday’ three times in order call help. Mayday is word produced in 1923 when Frederick Stanely Mockford was asked to incent a word that would indicate emergency. He putforth the word ‘Mayday’ deriving it from French ‘m’aider’ which means ‘help me’.Lesser known facts in the world-2
  • Daniella Westbrook broke her nose septum:
    Daniella Westbrook is an English actress and reality show television celebrity who had cocaine drug addiction since she was 16 years old. She used to spend £400 a day on cocaine. She underwent rehabilitation to get rid of her drug addiction, anyway, her nose eroded. Though, she took a surgery to replace her nose septum.Lesser known facts in the world-2
  • Mealworm digest plastic:
    Mealworm is a larvae form of darkling beetle that has bacteria in its gut or say stomach can digest polyethylene and Styrofoam (it is a kind of polystyrene used to make food containers). Researchers say that a tablet sized plastic was digested by 100 mealworms.Lesser known facts in the world-2
  • Belly button has 2000-3000 bacteria:
    Scientists discovered that 2000 to 3000 bacteria live in our navel. They took over 60 samples from 60 people and discovered everyone has its own form inside navel that bacteria form. Unlike fingerprint, police can swab navel for identity but no one catches the knife by navel. Lul :3Lesser known facts in the world-2
  • Larvae suck the blood to heal the wounds:
    Have you ever gone to some hospital or home of Ayurveda? Have you seen bottles that have worms or larvae in? They aren’t kept as hobby but are used to suck dirty blood, kill bacteria, from wounds. Leech is the most used worm to treat skin diseases, broken knees or even mental illness. Though, this method is used in less hospitals or homes now that leeches are used in medicines.Lesser known facts in the world-2
  • Even dead bodies get erection:
    If the person dies vertically or upside down and remains in the position the blood gets collected at the lowest point of body that causes swelling. The blood flow is normal when the person is alive but ones dead due to gravity the blood gets saturated at a point with respect to the position. The erection remains until the body remains in vertical or so position.
  • 70 % spices are exported from India:
    World’s 70% of spices are exported from India. There reasons why Indian cuisines make such delicious food – spices.Lesser known facts in the world-2
  • Mimic Octopus:
    This octopus is known to change colors, mimic other shapes of animals like flounder, lionfish and sea snakes. They even adopt according the surrounding things to hide themselves. In disguise they act as predators and preys are caught.Lesser known facts in the world-2

The vast world has lots of secrets. These were some of the lesser known facts from it.

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