Little Things to Do This EID and Make it Memorable


This EID, let’s not just sit at home and be with ourselves. EID is a festival of togetherness and happiness. Let’s make it memorable and special for not just ourselves but also for the people around us. Remember, if you’re happy or you have your family with you does not mean everyone is that lucky. This EID let us share what we have, and by sharing I don’t mean materialistic stuff but happiness and love.
EID is not about biryani and new clothes, it is lot more. Our Muslim friends know them well so I need not explain. But I would help you all have a perfect, special and memorable EID.
Here are few things to do this EID and make it memorable for everyone.

1. Help at the mosque.
Many people celebrate EID by going out with friends, meeting relatives and doing a feast. But if you go out in the mosque and give a hand in that work, you will know what real pleasure is. You will not only get inner pleasure but also a way to come closer to God and do a little good work. You can help in the cleaning or administration or any kind of activates in the mosque. You will always remember this day because when others notice you, they’ll be so grateful for this act and wish you good. Many people come to the Mosque that day and if you spend your day there, you will meet more people and make friends. This does not mean you totally ignore your family and friends, spend time with them as well.

2. Do something for others instead of buying gifts for them.
Giving materialistic gifts is very easy but doing something with your own effort overrides the importance of the gift. For example, help your mom in the kitchen. Since it is a festive day, it must have a lot of work in the kitchen, give her a hand. Wash your dad’s car for him or give him a massage instead of buying him a shirt. He’ll be happier from within. Take your little ones out and spend time with them. Do charity. When you see happiness in others’ eyes, you will feel the immense pleasure that will never fade and be memorable for years.

3. Invite the homeless and the needy.
Every Muslim family has a feast at home. When you already have so many guests coming, why not have some more? If your neighbouring aunty is alone because her kids couldn’t come home, invite her to your place. When you see the poor outside having a dull day, bring them home and make their EID happy. These people will remember your kindness forever. Instead of going on a restaurant with friends, organize a feast with the needy. Nothing can be more special than those thankful eyes you get to see.

4. Call your relatives & send them love.
It is not possible that you meet all your acquaintances and loved ones on EID. In fact, it may happen that months go by without talking to them since we all our busy in our daily lives. But you can make them feel important by just talking to them for a while. Call all your friends and relatives and wish them EID, ask them about their lives and send them love. Send them cards and chocolates. They will have a smile at the end of the conversation thinking that this person cares and remembers them. Don’t you think this is way too special for a very little effort? Of course it is.

5. Decorate the house, enjoy to the fullest and take pictures!
Don’t forget the place you spent your entire life. Clean and decorate your house together. Arrange for small entertainment programs at home involving the entire family. The atmosphere will be light and happy. Have fun and enjoy to the fullest. Dance and sing and exchange gifts and eat a lot! Don’t forget to record them. Take videos of your family laughing and enjoying. Take pictures with friends and the things you do. So after some years when you are not together, you can see these pictures and smile at the thought of the joyful day you shared.

Do some good and meaningful stuff this EID. So that years down the lane when you’re old and tired, you can sit back and remember these little things and then smile to yourself and say “EID Mubarak.”

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