Long Distance Relationships Aren’t Impossible, They’re Special


People say that long distance relationships don’t work. My question is have you been in one? Holding and hugging and hanging out are not everything about love. There’s lot more, affection being at the top. I know it is very difficult, I mean really difficult not getting to see the person you love. But that makes it all the more special. There could be a lot of issues but then nothing is perfect! I don’t know if you’re going to believe me but there’s more passion, trust and affection in an LDR.  You crave for the person like a person affected by famine craves for food. That makes it the best.

You’re not going to believe me until I explain you the reasons. I don’t mind justifying because LDRs are special. Before we start, I’d make it clear that I’m not criticizing a face to face relationship. Here’s an answer to all those who think LDRs don’t work.

  • #1 You learn to trust like no one else.
    Staying away from him/her gives you imaginations like the world’s gonna end, courtesy of the insecurities. Don’t forget our beloved jealousy, she’s cruel. No, I’m not telling that people in a long distance relationship are shielded to such feelings, but they overcome these. If you were in a face to face relationship then you’d either go on spying or fighting, but the distance doesn’t allow you to do either of them. Being in an LDR forces you to get over such insecurities and you trust your partner even more. Now isn’t that special? Trust is said to be the foundation of any relationship and you have that.


  • #2 You know you’re with the right person.
    Cuddling and holding hands can hide a lot of things. But in LDRs that can’t happen. Long distance relationships are not easy and if a person stays committed then you now they are meant to be kept. There’s no question of lust or looks or fun. It is simply about the person and love, real love. You know there’s a lot of cheesy things in a relationship, might be for getting laid? But that’s not even possible in an LDR so if your partner does something cute for you then you know they mean it from their heart.

Long Distance Relationships2

  • #3 You learn to value each other.
    Trust me, when you’re in a long distance relationship, honestly, you will never take the person for granted. You really miss them and go desperate for them. Can you even imagine what happens when you guys meet? That special feeling has no replacement. Somewhere between all this you realize how important they are for you. Just getting to talk to sometimes feels like heaven.


  • #4 You exploit technology just for a glimpse of their face.
    Skype becomes your saviour. No matter how terrible the connection is, you both will make it anyhow. You guys become the master of apps LOL. Phone calls are something more special than roses and dates while seeing them on Skype feels like you just had the entire world’s happiness. Tell me this passion prevails in anything but an LDR, you can’t.


  • #5 You appreciate the time you get to spend with each other.
    Since there’s hardly any time when you guys get to see or talk to each other, you value the little moments of togetherness. You relish them like you’ve got the magic beans!

Long Distance Relationships5

  • #6 Your conversations are deeper.
    People on LDRs can’t meet so they make it up by talking. Their conversations are deeper which makes them understand each other better. You know that in LDRs you have nothing but the words. Special moments? Express it through words. Fights? Solve it through words. You talk, talk and talk making things compatible. You become open to each other and you know what? Fights are solved in a better because a hug can’t tell what words can.


  • #7 The cute little things that you do for each other.
    You have to make up for not meeting each other. You want your partner to feel special and happy like any normal relationship but you can’t even take them out. Then? There’s this list of absolutely cute little stuffs you do. Beginning from the untidily made cards to the chocolates and songs, even you can’t sing. These little things count, making memories too fond.


  • #8 You build patience and understanding which is gonna keep your love evergreen.
    The wait to meet seems endless but yet you bear it somehow. That’s where you learn to be patient. Had you guys been together, ten minutes late on your movie date and your partner almost kills you LOL, no offence. Even if this wait seems terribly painful, you know that your partner is trying and so are you. This builds strong understanding between the two. A step towards the evergreen lovers.

Long Distance Relationships8

  • #9 The romance never gets boring and it is NOT lust.
    It can’t even lust not even you guys are finally together. The conversational romance is way too special than anyone can think. Hugging your pillow, imagining them beside, at night while talking to them on the phone is something I can’t express. Best part is you two never get bored of each other. The distance always keeps something left to do and that’s how the spark remains, always.

Long Distance Relationships9

  • #10 If it works, it’s gold.
    With all the hardships and missing each other’s presence every moment, when you both are actually together and decide to grow old together, you know it is special. Keeping aside the little imperfections, you build a strong and loyal relationship with lots of affection, trust and understanding. You know what makes it gold? You will never let each other go because you already know how painful it is to stay apart.


Do you still have any doubts? I hope not. If you have any then I guess some opinions are better let alone.

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