Mind Blowing Facts Related to Facebook


Facebook has become the oxygen of our social life. From a school going kid to the old grandmother, everyone just sticks to it like that’s the only means of communication. Besides being just a mere social networking site, facebook has made a brilliant and tremendous progress in a very less time. It’s not been a long time since it began and now there’s none who doesn’t use it. It is really difficult to find a person who doesn’t have a facebook account.

It had to be this popular. It’s a great platform for business, promotions, talent display and getting audience for whatever reasons. We are so used to it that a day without facebook seems incomplete. Even if there’s nothing in it, we still log in and scroll through the news feed.

We all are so addicted to it. So why not know it a little more. Here are some mind blowing facebook facts that you didn’t know:

  1. Murders because unfriended?
    Damn, now who expected that? Of course there are so many people who win over a fight by blocking and unfriending but this is some news.  Reports have said that many people have been murdered because they unfriended some someone on facebook. This is so sad! People should act little matured.
  1. China Blocked it.
    While everyone is busy blocking their enemies on facebook, China blocked the site like a boss. Not just facebook but twitter and New York Times too have been blocked in China since 2009. Now I know why they’re progressing, the kids don’t waste time. LOL!
  1. Facebook analysis on breakups.
    Just so I told you how addicted and obsessed we are with this thing, people tend to post and update every single thing on facebook. We update where we go, what eat, when we sleep and when we breakup or patch up. Facebook doesn’t miss a chance to have fun. They analysed the data and found out that the week before Christmas is the most popular time for couples to breakup. Such amazing Christmas presents!
  1. Nothing is a secret here!
    Be careful of whatever you post and update. They aren’t confined to your friends. Anything you post on facebook is automatically sent to facebook servers. Wait, that’s not all. Even if you just write it on the status box and not post it, it will still be there on the servers. Facebook is that brilliant.
  1. Chess in inbox!
    Did you know you could play chess in your message box with your friends? Yes Yes! You can. Just type “@fbchess play” [without quotes]and send it to the friend you want to play with. A game of chess will be activated between you two. If you want to know the rules or can’t figure out how to play, then just type “2fbchess help”. Isn’t that fun?
  1. Mark can never be blocked.
    This guy is just brilliant. Hate him all you want but whatever he does is beyond anyone’s imaginations. He is the king of facebook. You can’t block him on facebook. I’m sure you’re going to try blocking him now but hey, first complete reading this! More fun to come.
  1. Dead accounts?
    Be careful about who you add and talk to, it can be a ghost in a friend’s apparel. Reports say that there are about 30 million dead people on facebook. Now have a good night!
  1. Protection level – Slap me!
    Well well, don’t get confused. We know that whoever once uses facebook gets addicted to it so this guy did something hilarious. There’s this blogger who was badly addicted to facebook so he hired a woman who would slap him every time he used facebook. That’s crazy!
  1. Pass on the power of attorney of your facebook account.
    Okay, don’t laugh! On a serious note, facebook has this feature where you can assign a person who would be able to get access to your account when you die. It’s called the legacy account, you find it in the account settings. That’s cool, no?
  1. Facebook always tracks you.
    Even after you log out, facebook can track which sites you visit. Ever noticed that the just after you browsed dresses or shoes on flipkart, your facebook fees starts showing similar ads?

These facts were really fun to know about. Leave more in the comments if you know and oh, don’t get addicted to it!


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