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Wondering if you’d ever get past your hard days and increase your AdSense earnings? It’s not going to take you forever to get that doubt cleared. In fact, we would be glad to assist you in achieving the revenue you deserve. To begin with, you need to get familiar with the positioning of your ads.

By means of the good old trial and error technique, you can determine the position of your ads which generate the most clicks and place adverts in the limelight. However, expecting for a universal position to place these ads would be a waste of time since this wouldn’t guarantee you enhanced earnings.

Nevertheless, there could be spots having a higher rank than the others. By the name ‘heat map’, Google unleashes a feature where you could get to know how much revenue you’d be making by placing your ads on specific spots. But then again, experimenting could yield better results and help you find what fits right based on the sub-conscious mind of your audience.

Placing relevant ads with the main content is typically constructive in getting your ads on board. But, there are a few exceptions to this method and you might want to reconsider this rule. One probable exemption is that of a news site or something similar to a news site. In this case, it is advisable to place them right after the content, to generate more earnings. Make sure you fix them right after the main content and before the comments section. Reasoning this, as soon as the readers get done with a story, there are chances they scan for something that’d feed them with additional information and successively your AdSense ads could function as a guide.

Moreover, the left chunk of your page could be handy for placing your AdSense ads, since the text flow is commonly from left to right. Logically, as soon as the readers finish reading a sentence, while they return back to the left position, they may spend a moment glancing at your ad. However, as for countries where the text flow is the opposite, changes could be made accordingly.

Suppose you have more than an ad to be published; it’s not only the positioning that you need to care of, but you’d also have to study where they are located in the code. Adverts get loaded on your page by AdSense in the order these are arranged in the source. This may bring about a hiccup if the first ad you add in the code isn’t the one generating the highest revenue. Thus based on the blueprint of your ads, you may carelessly lose a lot of revenue in spite of earning more. Alternatively, if AdSense doesn’t have any more ads, public service ads may be used to fill the space otherwise it may even be left blank. At the end of the day, you may be left with little or nothing, with the most lucrative space of your web page being wasted at the cost of nothing.

Surfers tend to avoid the adverts of web pages where they come in excess, labeling them to be scam. Hence, ensure that you don’t dump too many ads in your web page. You’ll probably end up having a low click through rate, rather than generating more returns.

Tactically, you could keep a track of the user interaction on your web page. You need to acknowledge the part of your web page the visitors interact with the most. This part of your site could host your opening or prime ads. Placing ads in bothering positions could risk your click through rate and cause inconveniences to your visitors, also endangering the reputation of your site.

Bearing in mind that you have quality content and appealing plus relevant ads positioned as per the ways and means given above, your visitor would be most surely satisfied with your site. Meanwhile, what you get in return is appreciable income. Thus the factor that orbits round this sphere is offering the visitor a pleasant and satisfying experience through your site.

Experimentation, though, is one of the most beneficial ways to learn what suits your ad the best. AdSense’s channel feature could help you at this point, in letting you know the status of particular ads whilst altering their placement, in order to increase your returns.



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